Which MMA gloves to buy

Which MMA gloves to buy?

Not sure about which MMA gloves to buy? If yes, you have reached your destination!

Your mouthguard and gloves are the only two things protecting you in the ring. Therefore, you must invest in a good, high-quality MMA glove that provides absolute protection and compliments your fighting style.

However, various types and styles available in the market can make this task daunting. But, don’t worry! Below are some tips and recommendations to help out all the MMA fans in their hunt.

Some basics to remember when buying MMA Gloves

Buy gloves that fit snugly on your hand

Your glove must fit you perfectly to promote frequent hand movement and comfort. However, ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose since a slight change in size can cost you your fight.

Get a glove that fits your fighting style

Due to their lightweight and sufficient padding on knuckles and other critical areas, training gloves are the best bet for every MMA learner.

And those who aim to practice on the heavy bag can choose the sparring gloves.

However, for individuals who can’t afford the luxury of acquiring two gloves, we recommend hybrid gloves perfect for both sparring and grappling.

Which MMA Gloves to Buy – Some Recommendations

Combat Max Strike MMA Gloves – best for trainers

Combat Sport has made a quite notable name in the MMA gear sector, all credited to its top-notch products; their strong and stylish MMA training glove.

The carefully designed curvatures of Max Strike let the boxer make a tight fist, and the well-aerated finger holes keep their fingers comfy and unrestricted.

The two inches of foam padding makes these gloves perfect for withstanding force without adding to their weight. These gloves check every box and are bound to take your MMA skills to the next level.

Fairtex MMA Gloves – best for sparring

Fairtex gloves are comparatively smaller, smoother, and have a stronger grip, making them a better fit for hand combat and sparring.

FGV 15 has no sharp edges, and its Velcro strap is made from high-quality nylon, which lasts longer and completely wraps the wrist, resulting in a better fit.

The extensive padding on the knuckle area renders these gloves excellent for sparring and grappling sessions.

Venom Challenger MMA Gloves – best for grappling

Unlike the previous gloves, Venom Grappling Gloves features fingered knuckle pads and a super slim profile that makes them suitable for a light ground and pound session.

These challenger gloves’ strong fabric construction and double stitching maintain their longevity, while their sleek and creative design makes them stand out.

Final Words

Choosing the best MMA glove can lead to better and safer practices and is ultimately the key to success. We hope that this article helps you make the correct choice and choose the best gear for you.

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