What size MMA gloves should I get

What size MMA gloves should I get?

What size MMA gloves should I get? Well, MMA fighters may be down on the floor, struggling to wiggle out of submission or grabbing their opponent’s legs to place themselves for a strike or execute their surrender.

So, what do you need to complete all of this? The ideal MMA gloves!

There are numerous choices available in terms of style and the coaching you are receiving. Additionally, many alternatives are available, ranging from classic randy high-end fashion gloves to standard boxing gloves sold online.

Here is a guide to choosing the perfect size MMA gloves.

How to choose the perfect MMA glove size?

The very first step in selecting the best glove for you is determining your glove size. Unlike boxing gloves, various MMA gloves have the same mass but are sold in multiple sizes to fit your hand.

Selecting an MMA glove that fits perfectly can be done by the following method:

Using a measurement chart

Different people have different ideas about which size of MMA gloves you should get. Finding the correct glove size for yourself is not hard.

Boxers usually purchase their gloves on various websites and cannot try them before buying. Sometimes, they do end up purchasing gloves that do not fit them.

Hence, why a measurement chart is helpful, the unit of measurement for MMA gloves is ounces, and they are usually available in the sizes 8oz., 10oz., 12oz., and 14oz.

Determining the perimeter of the hand

The size of your glove should preferably be determined by your hand’s perimeter and your body mass.

You can easily measure your hand’s perimeter. First, tie a measuring tape around the widest end of your finger. Also, make sure your finger is outside the tape measure.

Then, add your body mass to determine which MMA glove size is best.

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