What MMA gloves should I buy

What MMA gloves should I buy?

The finest mixed martial arts gloves protect your hands while still allowing you to move your hands freely. In addition, your mixed martial arts gloves should be durable and robust to avoid injury during training.

So you might be thinking: what MMA gloves should I buy? Well, read this article to find out what properties to look for when buying an MMA glove.

MMA Glove Construction Material

When purchasing new mixed martial arts gloves, the fabric they are made from is essential. As a result, synthetic leather and real leather are the most popular material.

Polyurethane is synthetic leather that has the edge of being relatively inexpensive and easy to wash. For your first pair of mixed martial arts gloves, polyurethane is fine, but you’ll want a better fabric in the future.

Maya-hide is another commonly used synthetic fabric for making mixed martial arts gloves because it looks and feels like real leather.

However, synthetic leather lacks the authentic leather experience for those who chose original cowhide protective gear.

MMA Glove Weight

Training and special gloves are heavier than tournament gloves. The training gloves weigh around seven to ten ounces.

Tournament gloves range in weight from four to six ozs, but you can find gloves that cost less than four ounces.

Every tournament has its own rules and regulations about the glove weight depending upon the organizers.

Therefore, buying more than one pair of MMA gloves and different pairs for different exercises is always helpful.

MMA Glove Type

You can divide MMA gloves into different types. However, this solely depends on how you are training.

Sparring Gloves

The primary emphasis of mixed martial arts sparring exercises is swinging and hitting methods.

Mixed martial arts sparring gloves are typically six to seven ounces in mass and have more foam covering to safeguard them from unneeded injury.

Competition Gloves

Based on the tournament’s rules, mixed martial arts tournament gloves usually have limited foam and weigh four ounces or less.

These fingers are kept separate, and you can move around and wrestle and grab your competitor.

The lack of foam covering in mixed martial arts gloves means that you should wear hand wraps underneath them.

Grappling Gloves

In these gloves, fingers are sectioned with foam stuffing knuckles. This category of finger design gives your hands and fingers sufficient motion to wrestle while also providing safety.

MMA Glove Size

It is critical to select the appropriate size. Athletes must understand that glove size directly impact overall training. Measuring the circumference of your hand will give you knowledge about the right size.

Even though sizes usually differ between different brands, you can always double-check the accurate dimensions for each brand.

Mixed martial arts gloves that are too big or too small can cause discomfort and serious injuries.

Furthermore, your exercise will fall short of perfection. From small size to extra-large size, there are 4 basic sizes.

Some brands provide multiple choices if you want to be more precise about your glove size. Keep in mind to always pay attention to the specific glove sizes offered by different brands.

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