What are MMA gloves made of

What are MMA gloves made of?

What are MMA gloves made of? One of the most heated discussions in the Mixed Martial Arts world is whether to use real leather or polyurethane gloves. This discourse has gradually shifted to synthetic microfiber gloves in recent years.

When training for mixed martial arts, gloves are essential for protecting yourself. This article will discuss the different types of materials used to make MMA gloves. So, let’s begin!

Materials used in MMA gloves

There are 6 types of leather that companies typically use worldwide to make various combat equipment. These include the following:


It is a high-quality leather used in more than half of all leather mixed martial arts gloves. It is the preferred option for those seeking an enduring and resilient product.

Gloves made of a hundred percent this type of leather are indeed very pleasant on the hand and don’t stink after use.

Besides this, it has enough stretch to resist punching bag training at varying temperatures.

The majority of athletes prefer these gloves because of their comfort and performance. However, it requires periodic maintenance and upkeep and that leather is not cheap.

Buffalo Leather

After Cowhide leather, many consider buffalo leather gloves the best. The primary factor is that it is coarser than cowhide and does not appear as seamless.

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin leather is another class of leather commonly used in MMA gloves. It is more refined than the other two types of leather mentioned above.

In addition, due to its unique macromolecule, it is undoubtedly lighter and more resilient.

It’s also water-resistant, which makes it ideal for practice sessions. These MMA gloves are also easier to keep clean due to their water-resistant construction.

But, unfortunately, they are expensive.


It was one of the first synthetic fibers to become extensively used in mixed martial arts gloves. It is famous due to its ease of manufacture, low cost, and ease of upkeep.

On the other hand, Vinyl gloves are more prone to cracking over time and are less long-lasting.

They also have a unique feel when training with them and won’t be able to handle punching bag training regularly. Vinyl gloves will accumulate an unpleasant smell over time.


Polyurethane is one of the most popular synthetic fabrics used in modern mixed martial arts gloves. It is a cheaper substitute for real leather.

Furthermore, it is slightly more adjustable and manages regular workouts better than vinyl.

It also feels and looks excellent, trying to make it one of the finest substitutes for leather available today.

Polyurethane gloves are also relatively light and suitable for training and bag work based on cost and performance.

Another advantage of these designs is that they vary significantly in terms of fabric type, allowing you to get a polyurethane glove for a low price while paying a high price for a top-quality  polyurethane pair.


Microfiber is the latest synthetic fiber. Moreover, many manufacturers are using it to make special gloves.

Microfiber is much more comfortable to wear than other synthetic materials, making it less susceptible to odor build-up and higher ventilation.

It’s also more long-lasting than nylon and polyurethane.

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