What are grappling gloves used for

What are grappling gloves used for?

In mixed martial arts, grappling gloves are small gloves with open fingers. So, what are grappling gloves used for?

Well, these gloves usually have four to six ounces of padding, and they are designed to protect the wearer of the glove while allowing the fingers to be used for grappling maneuvers submissions and like clinch fighting.

The gloves came to light when Japan’s Shooto promotion made it mandatory for small, open-fingered gloves to be used. At a later stage, it became adopted by the UFC as it evolved into a regulated sport.

Fighters were mandated to wear gloves to protect their fists and to minimize how much facial mauling they receive (and stoppages that occurred due to cuts) that they experienced without them.

In addition to enabling more captivating matches for fans, gloves encouraged fighters to strike with their hands. Bruce Lee’s 1973 movie “Enter the Dragon” popularized, wrist-supporting, broken-knuckle, closed-thumb Kempo gloves.

These grappling gloves come with extra-long wrist supports in addition to their gel padding. Asides being used for mixed martial arts, they can also be used for workouts. Conventional MMA gloves produce the least effective results when used for training and exercises.

To protect your hands and wrists from punches when you train or exercise, you would need grappling gloves that actually fit. Now let’s examine the types of gloves available their primary uses.

Types and Uses

Competition Gloves: Typically, the gloves worn by professional fighters are 4 ounces (110 g), while amateurs are allowed to wear 6 ounces (170 g) gloves for additional protection.

Gloves between 4-6 ounces are allowed for UFC matches according to the rules, and even heavier gloves with larger sizes are also allowed depending on the fighters involved.

Sparring Gloves: the typical weight for MMA sparring gloves is seven ounces. From working the bag to sparring with a partner, sparring involves a lot of punching. In both cases, you need to protect and cushion your knuckles from the forces applied.

The Weight limit applied here is calculated based on padding inside the gloves, not on the overall weight of the gloves.

Grappling gloves: These gloves are also known as hybrid gloves or training gloves. They have less padding than competition or sparring gloves. These are mainly used for clinching and grappling.

Moreover, each finger is independently moveable, allowing for greater grip.

Are you new to martial arts, karate, kickboxing or anything else related to these sports? Regardless of your level of training, grappling gloves are important kits for these extreme sports.

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