Should MMA gloves be tight

Should MMA gloves be tight?

If you practice mixed martial arts, you definitely understand the importance of a well-fitted glove. So you might be wondering. should MMA gloves be tight?

The primary function of an MMA glove is to protect your hands from serious injuries. And to ensure that your glove performs this function adequately, you must choose the right size.

MMA gloves should not be tight or too loose to cut the chase. Tight gloves can quickly become uncomfortable and can result in knuckle injury.

Contrarily, it can be annoying to fix big and loose gloves constantly, and it can sometimes cost you your fight.

So, how to find the right-sized glove for you? Well, that’s what we are here for! This article will share the dos and don’ts of selecting the best hand companion for an MMA fighter.

Choosing the right glove size

MMA gloves come in a number of sizes, the most common ones being:

1. Small;

2. Medium;

3. Large.

These standard sizes rely on the hand circumference size, specifically the circumference of your palm and knuckles. But how to measure your hand circumference accurately?

The steps below will help you with this.

1. Wrap yarn or a ribbon around the widest part of your palm. The string should not be tight enough and should be about 1cm away from the corner of your hand;

2. Mark the starting and ending point of the string using a marker;

3. Measure the length of the string using a ruler;

4. Now, compare the circumference size with an MMA-specific glove sizing chart to get the appropriate size.

MMA gloves generally come in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, and 14 oz sizes, and this can be determined by using a sizing chart.

Using weight and age to choose the glove size

Considering your age and weight can also help you choose the right glove size. Naturally, a muscular fighter may require bigger gloves, while a lean fighter can even work with smaller ones.

Likewise, younger wrestlers will require smaller gloves, but older ones need larger gloves for hassle-free fitting.

Choosing an MMA glove according to your skill level

Another way of selecting the ideal glove size is based on the boxer’s experience.

MMA amateurs should go for training gloves which usually weigh around 10 oz. And if they are into sparring, then a lightweight 7 oz glove works just fine.

Anything between 8 and 10 oz is perfect for athletes and professional-level MMA fighters.

Final words

Should MMA gloves be tight? After reading the article, it should be clear that the answer is no.

When shopping for MMA gloves, we recommend buying one that covers your hands and fits perfectly.

The primary method in selecting the ideal fit is measuring your palm size and comparing it to the size chart.

And still, if it seems a little intimidating, don’t shy away from asking for help from the seller or your coach.

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