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MMA training for people over 40



If you are over 40, you do not need to be so pessimistic to think that training for being a MMA fighter is impossible. Although such will be an additionally difficult task for a lot of you if you are of a higher age, this does not mean that you will not be able to properly train to be a MMA fighter.


However still, there are some points and issues that you will need to pay special attention to when you are undergoing the training to become a MMA fighter.


The first step to become a MMA fighter is to get into MMA shape and enhance your body strength. This is because after all you will need to be strong if you want to involve in martial arts.


For usual people, the procedure for getting into a MMA shape includes doing regular exercises as well as maintaining a regular and healthy lifestyle and diet. If you are over 40s, you will need to do all the same, but there are some points that you will need to know.


It may take more time for you to fully get into a MMA shape than others if you are of a higher age. This is because this will be harder for your body to gain muscle and lose fat.


At the same time, you may also have a regular work and family so that it will be even more difficult for you to concentrate on the training. Because of all of these, you should expect that it would take more time for you to get into MMA shape.


Another point to note is that you should also pay special attention to your starting body strength. This may also be related to the expected time it takes for you to get into a MMA shape.


This is because if your body strength is relatively weaker when you want to start the training, it would be more difficult for you to gain muscles and strength in a short period of time, and accordingly, you will need more time to get into a MMA shape.


For people in their 40s, although there will be some of them that are still very fit and strong or maybe some that are having regular exercise and working out, for most of the people, their body strengths are not as strong as when they are in their 20s and 30s.


This is a decline of their body strength and it is natural. The implication of it is that in general, for MMA training in the 40s, it would be inherently more difficult and it will take more time for your body to improve and be stronger.


Also, it may be the case that you will never be able to get your body stronger and stronger to a point that is even stronger than when you are in the 20s. As I have said, when you are in the 40s, at least for most of the people, your body strength is in the decline.


Therefore, it may just be impossible for you to achieve a state of body strength if you are starting training at the 40s as if you are starting training in the 20s. This is quite a pity but a reality that you will need to consider.


This, however, does not follow that there is no point in training for MMA. However, what I am saying is that ultimately you will need to adjust your mental state when you are planning to train for MMA if you are over 40s.


It would be extremely rare if not impossible for a person at the 40s to start training in MMA without any prior experience and that he succeeded to be a professional and award-winning MMA player. You will surely lose the competitive edge if you need to start training afresh at the 40s.


On the other hand, if you are training MMA just for treating it as a healthy sport or habit without the pressure of being a true professional and treating is as a career, then I am sure that you will be much more successful and the training process will be much more relaxed, although it will by no means by shorter.


It will be a very good way of keeping a healthy body in the 40s and the relax yourself since training for MMA requires quite a regular routine of exercising.


An additional point is that according to your own body strength, not all of the training processes and method may be applicable or desirable for you if you are at the 40s. For example, when a person at their 20s are training for getting into a MMA shape, they may experience more radical and heavy training like circuit trainings or running for a longer period of time per day.


This may not be able for you depending on your own body type. Also, when you are practicing some fighting skills like boxing and wrestling, you should also take care of your own body strength, since a exercise and training process that is too radical and aggressive may not be suitable for those in the 40s.


All in all, the purpose and the mental state of you when you are training for a MMA shape should be adjusted when you are already in the 40s. If you aim at getting into the UFC and be the number one in the MMA field, it would be a very difficult and challenging task for you. It is suggested that a better way to treat the training would be to treat it as a procedure to maintain a healthy body, and to reduce health hazards.


When you are planning on how to train yourself, you should make sure that the exercising plan is one that your body can handle and is one that is not too vigorous so as to create burden to your body. At the same time, it is suggested that you should also be more patient as training for MMA in the 40s may need more time.


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