MMA training for beginners

MMA training for beginners

With the rising popularity of MMA, I understand that a lot of people will want to train to become a MMA fighter. This is not an easy task but at the same time it is not something impossible — every MMA professional starts off as a beginner.

If you know the way to train and pay enough effort, you will be able to successfully become a MMA professional.

Body strength

First of all, you should pay attention to your body strength when you start training. The reason for it is that you cannot just blindly copy what others do for training into your own training schedule as this may not work for you.

One point about MMA training for beginners is that you will need to understand your body well.

For example, if you know that you are not that strong, then you should not start with exercise that is too intensive as this may only harm your own body. At the same time, you should also know your strength and weaknesses in terms of MMA.

For example, are you good at kicks and punches? Should you focus on powerful attacks or focus on speed? All of these questions will lead to different approach in MMA training.

However, this of course does not mean that there will not be anything similar among the trainings of all MMA beginners.


Basically, all of you will need to know basic skills about fighting before moving on to start your own style and focused training on the skills you are good at. This is particularly important if you are freshly new in the field of martial arts.

For example, you should know at least some basic skills about boxing and wrestling since this will be useful when you move on to more advanced skills.

When you are training to improve your body strength, basically the drills that you are doing will also be largely the same, just that the intensity may be different among different beginners.


Apart from that, you will also need to understand the rules and regulations of MMA fight. When you are fighting in MMA, you are not allowed to perform certain actions like biting and hitting the opponent in their neck.

If you do that, firstly you may lose the match due to being disqualified from the match, it may also create dangers to the opponent as he may get injured.

Therefore, as a responsible beginner, the rules and regulations of the match should be included in MMA training for beginners.


I must particularly also mention that the training process will ultimately be a gradual and slow one, especially if you are totally new to the field.

After all, even the first stage of getting into MMA shape and enhance your body strength will not be something that can be achieved in a matter of months.

You will need to be patient since the road to become a professional MMA fighter may be longer than you have expected. In addition to that, you should also need to be perseverance.

What I am saying is that when you need such a long period of time to see the achievement of the training, you may think that not going to training for one session or for a day is not that of a big deal.

This kind of mindset will potentially ruin the training outcome since when we are talking about body building, the effort you paid in training day by day is very important.

If you pay effort for a day and then rest for another day, then the effort that you paid in the first day will be wasted, and as a result you will take a much longer time to achieve a satisfactory level of body strength.

Even if you are already at a good MMA shape, you will also need to practice the martial arts or the styles of MMA that you are focusing in, and it is also an important MMA training for beginners.

Imagine a MMA fighter who is experienced and talented, but he had not been practicing the fighting skills for a month and then he is going on a match.

You may well expect that he will not perform what he is good at and he may lose the match since he has not warmed up yet.

A good MMA fighter will make sure that his body and mental state is ready whenever time it is, and the way to achieve that is by constant practicing and training.

This is an important aspect of MMA training for beginners that you will need to worry about—self discipline.


Lastly, perhaps I should end with a note of caution.

While self discipline means that you should not be lazy and you should keep on training every single day, it also means that you should mind the condition of your body and take enough rest, especially when you are at the early stage of MMA training.

You will be gradually increasing the intensity of the training and an important point to observe is that whether or not your body can withstand the work required to do.

For example, when you are feeling very tired or even dizzy after a vigorous workout process, then you should definitely take some rest, and you will know that your body is not yet strong enough to take the workload that you just did, and maybe you should be more relaxing the next day.

This is an important point since if you totally neglect what your body can withstand, the possible result is that you will be seriously injured, and this is the last thing that you want in order to be a good MMA fighter.

After all, you need to be strong to win the fight, but it needs time and you need to do it right.

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