MMA gloves or boxing gloves for punching bag

MMA gloves or boxing gloves for punching bag?

The question is: MMA gloves or boxing gloves for punching bag? Which gloves are the most suitable? They are the ones that protect your hands the most.

We know that the various sports of Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai have their own set of rules and hand protection styles. Furthermore, the gloves are created with their distinct designs in mind.

Boxing is a game concentrated on punches; the gloves have more padding than MMA gloves, so you focus on grappling. Which is the best? It depends on preference. We can help you understand the difference.

We all know Newton’s Third Law, which says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction; the more force you release, the more force you will receive directly back at your hands. After conducting a punching test, we discovered that the gloves that release the most force are the most harmful to your hand and are the least secure.

Boxing Gloves for Punching Bag:

When you look at boxing gloves, anyone can tell that they’re heavier than MMA gloves. In a sport that involves only punching, your knuckles will be subject to abuse. Therefore, padding makes sense. You don’t have to grapple when boxing to make sure that your punches are cushioned more and won’t feel its pain.

Compared to the 2 centimeters of padding found in a typical MMA fighting glove, a standard boxing glove contains more than three times the amount. It is also evident that boxing gloves have more significant striking areas on the knuckle.

Additionally, it gives the gloves more space for padding; it also disperses the power of punches over a larger size.

If this doesn’t make sense, think about it this way: you’d be having difficulty lifting a dumbbell of 100 pounds in one hand since the entire mass (or down strength) will be concentrated on one spot. So instead, you can place that same weight over your back, and you’ll find it much easier to handle.


• More Padding
• Bigger Area


• Heavier

However, getting a boxing glove requires a lot more effort than an MMA glove. Remember Newton’s Second Law: it says that force equals the object’s weight multiplied by the speed at which it moves.

Therefore, theoretically, it’s logical to think that a heavy glove, like the boxing glove, will generate much more power than a light MMA glove.

MMA Gloves for Punching Bag:

MMA gloves offer less padding, but your padding performs a fantastic job of staying put and remaining strong. In addition, the Velcro strap keeps the padding in place while giving you the flexibility to move around.

Furthermore, many MMA gloves feature firmer padding, meaning you’ll have the same amount of protection with every strike. This is where you’ll find that the MMA glove’s dimensions are a good thing as long as the padding is just around the knuckles and not pushed away from the strikes.

The lack of padding is an issue because MMA does not usually use wraps. While the padding may be denser, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that you’ve got much less in conjunction with the lack of additional wrist support due to wrist wraps appears that the extra force will make your hands swell just as much as the opponent you’re hitting.


• Denser
• More stable padding


• Smaller area of protection
• Less need for wraps


All fingers are contained in the padded compartment in boxing gloves, while in MMA gloves, fingers and knuckles are exposed for improved grappling. MMA gloves don’t have as much padding to allow grappling or submission actions during MMA fights.

So, MMA gloves or boxing gloves for punching bag?. You can use both; it’s a matter of preference. However, we suggest using boxing gloves that offer more padding and better protection.

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