How to use mma gloves

How to use MMA gloves

Mixed martial arts is all about hands. Therefore, it is essential to know how to use MMA gloves properly. It would provide optimum protection for your hands, but it will also take you a step further towards winning the fight.

How to wear your MMA gloves properly

Once you have bought a perfectly fitting set of gloves, the next step is to wear them properly. Wearing your gloves the right way will surely elevate your MMA experience.

What to wear under your gloves?

Since MMA gloves feature minimal padding and are extremely thin, one must wear a hand wrap under them.

Wearing a hand wrap helps throw stronger punches and minimizes the force impact on your hand and knuckles.

Even though it may not matter at first, you will surely appreciate your hand wrap during the fight.

Fitting into your gloves

Once you have worn your gloves, they cover your entire palm and wrist; the next step is to adjust the wrist strap for a secure fit.

The gloves must fit your hands snugly and not be too loose or tight.

If the gloves are too loose, they will keep sliding out of your hands, and adjusting them from time to time may distract you from fighting and can even cost you your match.

However, if your gloves are too tight, they will only serve to limit your hand moment by restricting the blood flow, and you certainly don’t want that, do you?

Therefore, you must fasten the Velcro strap such that the glove remains intact yet flexible enough. And one way to check that is by rotating your wrist.

Breaking in your gloves

It is no secret that leather is an exceptionally durable material. And nearly all MMA gloves are made from this tough fabric.

New MMA gloves? More like a steel-stiff covering.

But don’t worry, the gloves naturally soften up after a few uses, and this may take anywhere between days and weeks.

Cowhide leather MMA gloves are pretty hard to break in, but the ones made of synthetic leather start opening up after a few matches.

To break in your MMA gloves, start by moving your hand and bending your fingers.

Repeat this process from time to time until you start feeling the glove loosening up, and Voilà! You are ready to tackle your opponent.

Can I use MMA gloves on a boxing bag?

Practicing on a punching bag is nowhere near fighting an actual person and hence requires proper gear.

We certainly do not recommend using your MMA gloves on a boxing bag. These thin gloves are not adequate to bear the constant impact of the punching bag and can result in the microfracture of your hand.

Therefore, when hitting a boxing bag, it is suitable to go for the heavily padded boxing gloves, which can easily absorb and distribute the force and result in safer training.


Simply acquiring MMA gloves is not enough. You must ensure that you use and wear them correctly to make the most out of this sport.

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