How to put on MMA gloves

How to put on MMA gloves

Every year, thousands of new martial arts enthusiasts join martial arts dojos. Enthusiasts with the dream of learning their favorite sport and eventually becoming “the martial art black belt.”

But right before they start their training, their entire focus shifts to putting on the right gear that fits!

Apart from the “GI,” the one gear these new enthusiasts are skeptical about is the “MMA glove“. They wonder how to choose suitable gloves and wear them ideally.

If you’re one of these new martial artists, let us tell you to let us tell you how to put on MMA gloves?

The only thing to remember while wearing your MMA glove is that the purpose of these gloves is to protect the hand without immobilizing the movement.

The glove needs to fit entirely, not to restrict or disrupt movement. Once you put it on, the top hands should be covered entirely and snuggly secured by the velcro straps.

It is better to put them on with wraps to secure the hand and make it tight to avoid slippage.

How to put on MMA gloves

Now, let’s dig in more to know how important it is to wear gloves accurately and how to put them on the right.

Should MMA gloves fit tight or loose?

There are a couple of reasons why your glove should be snuggly tight. Loosely bound gloves cannot only get you injured, but they can also come out during intensive rounds.

Whereas tightly bound gloves can restrict your blood flow, damaging if worn for prolonged periods.

Tightly bound gloves can also cause discomfort to the martial artist during matches. It cannot only restrict the fast movements but can make the hand hurt quite bad.

Moreover, If the glove doesn’t fit entirely and slides off, it can even make you lose the match.

The answer to that is pretty simple. It has to be somewhere in between, extraordinarily tight and loose.

Should I use hand wraps in gloves?

Hand wraps are pretty necessary for any combat sport. In MMA, hand wraps are pretty popular due to the light padding of the glove.

These wraps can help your gloves fit perfectly and allow your hand to gain strength by being wrapped in layers. But fitting the glove is not the only benefit of these wraps.

The average weight of an MMA glove is 4 ounces due to the light padding. Sadly, this padding is not enough to provide a hand’s protection.

Because apart from punches that require knuckle protection, the warrior has to block strikes with his hands and forearm.

But in MMA, gloves do not cover the palm or fingers. This is why wraps are pretty essential to ensure protection and a good fit

How to determine appropriate gloves size?

Determining the size of an MMA glove is relatively easy. All you need to do is to measure the circumference of your hands.

To be precise, the circumference of the part above your thumb and below the figures. Apart from that, weight is also considered in buying a new glove.


MMA fights are fought with hands. To win the fight, one must put on the right glove in the correct size. Fasten the glove and ensure that the glove isn’t too tight.

Don’t forget to wrap your hands with good wraps to nail the fight.

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