How to mold a mouthguard

How to mold a mouthguard

How to mold a mouthguard? Well, molding is your solution, and we’ll tell you how to do it. Mouthguards play a protective role during fights.

But, if your mouthguard does not fit properly, it is of no use.

You can easily mold your mouthguard according to your mouth by different methods. Keep on reading to find out which way to choose and precisely how to mold a mouthguard.

How Should You Mold a Mouthguard?

To mold a mouthguard, you have to go for the most common method called ‘Boil and Bite’. Now you have to decide how you should boil the water.

The boiled water is then going to be used for dipping the mouthguard. You can boil it over a stove or in a microwave.

There is no complication in this method of molding. You can do it at home by using the simplest things. Here is a list of things you’ll need:

1. Water (Boiled);

2. Tongs;

3. Scissors

4. Towel (If required)

5. Cold/Iced water

6. Water should be in a bowl/container deep enough to submerge the mouthguard.

Steps You Need to Follow

Here are some basic steps you need to follow along with following the instructions on your mouthguard’s packaging:

Testing the Fit

Before molding the mouthguard, you need to test how it fits. It may be bigger than you need it to be. It may press against your cheeks.

Test it out properly by biting it and pressing it against your teeth with your fingers.

This step will let you know where your teeth get placed before the next step.


After the first step, you’d know if the mouthguard is bigger than your teeth structure. You need to trim the excess part with the help of scissors.

Cut half a centimetre from both the ends of the mouthguard.

If you think that the mouthguard is still too big, cut another half a centimetre. Keep cutting it until you feel that it fits according to your teeth.

Boiling the Mouthguard

Now you need to submerge the mouth guard in boiling water. The time for immersing is commonly half a minute. For safety, boil it according to the given instructions.

Cooling and Adjusting

After getting it out of boiling water, let the mouthguard cool for around 20 seconds. Then, quickly place it in your mouth and press it against your teeth.

You have to press before the mouth guard gets wholly cooled off. Suck the excess water.

Final Steps

Place the mouthguard back into its box. Try to store it in a well-ventilated one. You can make holes in a plastic container for ventilation purposes.

Wrapping Up

By following these simple steps, you can have your mouthguard well-fitted. It will let you enjoy your sport comfortably as well as provide safety.

If you think that your mouthguard still does not fit after this process, simply repeat the process. Keep repeating it until you get the desired results.

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