How to get an MMA fight

How to get an MMA fight

How to get an MMA fight? Well, MMA has become increasingly well-known in the past few years, and the amount of people wanting to participate is growing.

Anyone who has previous experience in other sports like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and many others is eager to try their hand at the cage.

But how to get to an MMA fight? Let’s explore this!

How to book an MMA fight

It’s now quite simple to book an MMA fight. MMA is not illegal across the US, UK, Canada, and other major countries.

In addition, MMA is very popular at present, and there are currently more than 100 registered MMA organizations.

If you have no experience, you’ll have a better chance with local organizations.

Assuming that you’re not planning to go to the major international events like Bellator or UFC for your first fight, as you’ll need some experience before that (at least 7, 10, or more fights).

Note: The method used to register for an MMA fight usually involves giving your contact information (online or in an official paper form) that includes your height, weight, and reach, and then getting examined by a physician.

You must know which weight class you’d like to take part in and set the appropriate weight before weigh-ins.

You’ll then be matched with someone who has a similar experience and weighs the same amount as you.

Some tournaments charge an entry fee (if you’re an amateur); however, you should avoid participating in tournaments requiring a large entry payment.

How to get an MMA fight

How do you get to your first MMA fight? There are two means you can follow to make yourself eligible for the chance to fight in an MMA combat:

1. Start going to an MMA gym, get yourself an MMA team, and coach (chances are you’ll find one at any MMA gym).

2. If there’s no MMA gym near you or you don’t want to attend the gym for a reason, you need to reach out to MMA organizations that hold MMA competitions in your region and inquire whether you can fight in a non-affiliated way.

1. Start going to an MMA gym

This is the most effective way to begin your journey into MMA since you’ll be able to learn how to fight before fighting in cages.

Even though it’s a time-consuming process since you’ll have to train and wait for your coach’s approval whether you’re fit to fight or not but you’ll gain experience.

You’ll start by fighting against a person from a different gym, and the coaches will want to ensure they have the best athletes in their club.

Of course, they don’t wish to cause injury to you since, unlike other sports of combat, MMA is a real combat sport.

The main advantage of choosing this method is that you don’t need to do much – there’s no self-promotion and no need to contact various organizations.

Just tell your coach, “I am ready to fighting,” and then start listening to him and train. It’s easy but challenging.

Here’s the reason:

1. When you join an MMA team in a gym, you’ll likely train regularly for six months before you can compete in your initial MMA fight.

Your coaches will monitor your progress, push you to the limit, and inform you when they are at the right level.

2. In most cases, when promotions are looking for new fighters, they’re reaching out to trainers from local gyms.

They may search for fighters in specific weight classes (for instance, they may say that we need fighters of 155 and 205 for a tournament).

They might also search for fighters with a specific record – “we need someone who has one or two fights, 4-5 or 1-2, on their record”.

They are usually fine with rookie fighters as long as coaches assure them that they are prepared.

How to get an MMA fight

How to find a good MMA gym

There are plenty of fake MMA gyms available that you ought to stay clear of. Even if the facility is legitimate, it might not possess an MMA fighting team or provide support for MMA fights.

If you want to ensure that you are joining the right gym, check whether it has an MMA fighting team.

You can also visit the gym’s websites or social media pages or simply asking the staff or coaches.

It is also helpful to ask for details regarding their athlete’s participation in tournaments to cross-check.

2. Fight in a non-affiliated way

If you don’t train at an MMA training facility or your local gym does not accept MMA fights, you can compete as an independent fighter and match up with a non-affiliated opponent.

Most of these fighters are simply people with no combat sports or fighting experience and are looking to test it. Sometimes, non-affiliated fighters won’t even show up to the match.

How to be eligible for an MMA fight as a non-affiliated fighter.

You can do this online by simply searching “amateur MMA tournaments” in your area and then visit their website.

Some organizations, such as Cage Wars, WFC, or California Amateur MMA Association(CamoMMA), have excellent forms available on their websites for participating in competitions:

1. WFC Fighter Registration;

2. Camo MMA Registration;

3. Cage Wars Fighter Registration.

You can utilize these forms to register as a fighter, promoter or official referee, judge, inspector, etc.

However, these are only the websites we’ve discovered through research.

You are free to search for your particular region.

You can also look up the promotional events that host the events and search to find their site.

When you locate the contact details (email or phone), contact them, tell them you’d like to participate in amateur combat, and that’s it!

It’s your first fight!

Tell them about your experiences in combat sports (what kind of sports have you tried over time, how long have you participated in one of them, etc.).

Let them know how old you are and your current weight (or in what weight class you can take part).

The reach and your height also, this will make it easier for them to determine what events they could allow you to compete in and also find the right opponent.

Tips for fighting in your first fight

When faced with your first fight, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Instead, focus on what you need to accomplish to reach your goal; that is a victory!

If you’re prepared ahead of time, you will be successful, and preparation is vital. You won’t be able to control the vast majority of fights.

However, you will be able to influence the way you enter the cage both from a skill perspective and physically.

Everyone wants to boast that they have been in a cage, and they won, but make sure that you have the odds against you and try your best and succeed.

Tips for first mma fight

Here are some tips and suggestions to benefit you prepare for your first MMA fight:

1. Review the tournament rules: Most tournaments use the uniform rules for mixed martial art (which we would recommend looking at); however, the rules can differ in a small amount from tournament to tournament.

2. Training and Strength: The closer you get to the day of the fight, the less training and strength you should be doing.

Outside of training camp (when getting ready for a fight), the amount should be approximately 20 percent of your workout duration; however, by the end of your training program, the percentage must not exceed 10 percent.

So you can be sure that your muscles don’t get sore when you go to the fight.

3. Purchase your own equipment: The company will most likely not supply the equipment you need (gloves and wrappings, steel cups, and mouthpiece).

They’ll simply inspect the equipment you bring.

How to win your first MMA fight

MMA is a hard-hitting sport. After the cage’s door is closed, you cannot leave unless you’re either the winner or the loser.

In the latter case, you could suffer injuries, knockouts or even being put to sleep.

However, you can avoid that and win your first game; just be mindful of the following things:

1. Be fit for fight, not CrossFit

It has become a norm that fighters workout in gyms for CrossFit and many more to become fit enough. This is not the right way to begin.

If you’re training to improve your general fitness, you are not preparing for the fight.

Most MMA gyms offer everything like the necessary equipment to prepare for your fight.

We all know that CrossFit individuals are very fit, but they are not fit for fighting. This is because fitness is specific to the sport you’re training for.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that cross-training isn’t beneficial.

Exercises and activities such as swimming or running and weight training all aid, and yes, CrossFit style training can assist.

But it’s not like fighting.

It does not matter how many pull-ups you can do if all you need is the motivation to perform one more top-quality takedown to be victorious!

Be sure to invest more time in your fitness center than you do outside of it.

2. Play by your strengths

When in the combat zone, you need to identify your strengths. It’s also important to know what your strength and weaknesses are.

If you’re too tall for your weight, your coach will need to help you build your game and use that to your advantage.

You might have a powerful Thai kick, or perhaps you are a champion wrestler. The key is not to be too general at the moment.

Stay with what you’re skilled at. If you’ve only once trained MMA and do not have any specialization, then use this in your favor.

If your opponent is a stronger striker, then take him down. If you are a better grappler, make sure to remain standing.

Your coach can also help create a game plan based on your skills.

Play by your strenghts

3. Learn how to dodge moves

If you’ve ever watched MMA, you know there are some positions that win the fight, such as taking the back.

The mount, side mount, arm bar, and leg locks are also some.

If you don’t know how to get out of these positions and avoid them, you might consider rethinking your approach.

There’s so much you can’t be in control of in a fight. However, your expertise in technology is something that you can control ahead of time.

The ability to exit from a situation will help you gain confidence. And even if things go wrong, there is always a chance!

4. Take care of your health

This sounds easy enough, yet so many people neglect their physical health. Simply because you’re physically fit does not mean that you’re healthy.

Being healthy means you’re looking over your diet, observing the kind of food you consume, and ensuring that you’re getting the right nutrients to your body.

This is crucial! It is essential to put down the party or drink habits and prepare your body to be the most explosive that it’s ever needed to be.

5. Keep It Basic

It’s your first time fighting, and you’re determined to be victorious; however, staying cautious and simple is recommended.

You may try different tactics later on in your professional career, but the goal is to score your first win on the winning column.

It takes only a few moments to lose a battle, so you should focus on winning.

Therefore, the first fight you take on isn’t an ideal time to use the sweep that you watched this week on the UFC.

Instead, utilize the things that you can do.


We hope you know more about getting to your first MMA fight now.

Just look up your local MMA gyms or organizations that arrange competitions, ask for details, gather information, and hit that cage.

And know, in the world of MMA, you’ll win some and lose some, especially if you’re just beginning out.

You must keep focus and a positive mental approach, be willing to learn lessons from mistakes made, evaluate your mistakes, and then go to the next round with that sparkle of triumph in your eyes.

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