How to clean MMA gloves

How To Clean MMA Gloves – The Ultimate Guide

How to clean MMA gloves? Well, in case of regular practice sessions and strenuous workouts you can get your gloves dirty and smelly. And, it can result in disgusting looks from people in and around the octagon.

You really don’t want that, do you?

Therefore, it is essential that you ensure the cleanliness of your MMA gloves, to maintain their longevity and healthy training sessions.

However, just tossing your gloves into the washer does not do the job, and you might have to do some extra hassle to get them nice and tidy.

Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry, since our ultimate guide on how to clean MMA gloves will show you the proper way of doing this arduous job quickly and easily.

Why is it necessary to clean and care for your MMA gloves

Some MMA artists simply don’t bother to clean their gloves. Let us tell you, this is certainly not a good idea.

These are some reasons why it is important to maintain your gloves on a regular basis:

– Dirty gloves results in bacterial growth inside the glove and therefore, can make your skin more susceptible to infections;

– The accumulated dust and sweat can result in the cracking of the gloves’ seams;

– How can we forget about the nauseating smell of a dirty glove? If you don’t clean your glove, it will keep getting worse;

– A good MMA glove can last for years, but an unclean one has shorter durability and lifespan;

– Unclean gloves, when in contact with the opponent’s skin, can cause infections in them.

Preventive measures to keep your MMA gloves clean

Cleaning your MMA gloves is an exhausting and time-consuming task, and if you want to refrain from it, exercising preventive measures is the way to go.

Here are some quick and simple steps to keep your gloves tidy regularly:

Dry your gloves completely following every session

Be it a quick warm-up, or a heavy workout routine, drying your gloves after every use is a must.

Since bacteria require moisture to grow, drying your gloves would hinder their expansion and thus would keep your gloves odor-free.

There are multiple ways to dry your MMA gloves. Some fighters prefer to do this by hanging their gloves in front of a fan, while most often opt for the traditional sun-drying and air-drying method.

Wipe your gloves inside out after every use

Wiping your gloves also serves to reduce your glove’s moisture level and therefore lowers the chances of any microbial infection.

A few wipes on the surface and inside of your glove can keep them fresh for a longer period. This super easy step can be performed using antibacterial wipes or a clean towel.

Never put your gloves in the bag

Many MMA artists often mistake putting their gloves in the gear bag right after using them. This facilitates bacteria’s growth and makes your gear reek of sweat.

To prevent this smelly disaster, you should never put your gloves immediately into the bag. Instead, drying your gloves should always be your top focus.

Wear hand wrap

Another method of keeping your gloves new is to use hand wraps. These wraps provide additional protection while fighting and absorb extra moisture from the glove’s insides.

But, while you are at it, don’t forget to clean your hand wraps since a dirty hand wrap takes no time to become a stinky hand wrap.

Spray the glove with a deodorizer/disinfectant

Spraying a deodorizer or disinfectant prevents bacteria build-up and keeps your fighting equipment smelling fresh.

Numerous specially designed deodorants are available on the market, which can be used to maintain the pristine condition of your gloves.

Cleaning your MMA gloves

Even with strict prevention care, your MMA gloves can still collect dust and become stinky.

To prevent that, you must provide them with a thorough clean-up from time to time so that they don’t accumulate dirt and remain fit for use.

These are some methods to keep your gloves squeaky clean:

Using an anti-bacterial spray

Are your gloves also covered in dust, sweat, and a thick stench? If so, then it is time you clean them with an anti-bacterial spray.

These sprays assist in removing debris, bacteria, and all kinds of germs from your gloves and that too, without any heavy scrubbing.

These sprays can be used for regular clean-ups, but make sure that you let your gloves dry entirely after the spray.

Soaking in Saltwater

Saltwater is excellent in preventing malodorous bacteria build-up and wiping out undesirable MMA glove smell.

Start by making sure that the fabric of your glove is not affected by the saltwater by drizzling a small quantity of saline solution over it.

If the results are positive, soak your MMA gear in lukewarm saltwater overnight to eliminate all the grime and smell.

Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a conventional way of disinfecting item. It is also a speedy and effective way to wash your MMA gloves and eliminate the odor.

Simply put enough apple cider vinegar in your palm and massage it over your gloves. Let your gloves dry overnight.

You can even repeat the procedure twice to clean your dirt-laden gloves better.

Try some baking soda

Baking soda can also work in reducing the odor-emitting bacteria. However, directly sprinkling some soda on your glove is definitely not the way of doing this.

Stuff an old sock with baking soda and put it in your MMA gloves. Leave the stuffed glove for 6-8 hours or more, preferably overnight, to get a clean, odor-free glove.

Nonetheless, this method can still be a little messy and can destroy the innards of your glove. Don’t even get us started on how irritating the leftover soda particles can accumulate.

Using cedar chips

Similarly, you can also fill your socks with cedar chips and leave the socks in your gloves for a few hours. These chips help absorb the moisture and bacteria within themselves, thus bringing your gloves back to their original pristine condition.

How about some scented essential oils?

Using a solution of lavender and tea tree oil (or any favorite oils of your choice) is another way of decontaminating your glove and eliminating the bad smells.

This mixture also acts as an antiseptic, and the essential oils aid in extending the glove’s longevity by locking in the natural moisture of the glove.

Mix a few oil drops with water to form the cleaning solution. Next, dip a cloth into the blend, and use it to clean the glove, followed by the drying of the glove.

Freezing your gloves

As weird as it may sound, freezing your gloves is an excellent way to get them fresh. The low freezer temperature inactivates the bacteria and therefore prevents its spread.

Secure your gloves in a zip lock bag, and put them into the freezer for a few days. Don’t worry if your gloves come out a little wet.

Instead, wait for the water droplets to dry by keeping them in a ventilated, sunny area. And you are ready to carry a set of clean gloves to your MMA class.

What to do after cleaning your MMA gloves?

After giving your gloves a good wash, the next step is to leave them under some air for a few hours. This gets the glove rid of excess moisture and ensures its long-term use.

Can you clean your MMA gloves in a washing machine?

Every glove is made from different material, and the machine washability of each glove depends on this material.

Some materials can go hand-in-hand with washing machines, while others are not safe to use. All of it depends on the glove’s fabric.

So, check the package description of your glove to determine its applicability with your washer.

Some tips regarding the drying of your MMA gloves

Let’s be honest, cleaning your glove is of no use if you don’t ensure its proper drying.

Below are some tips and tricks related to drying your MMA gloves after cleaning them with one or more of the processes mentioned above.

– Dry your MMA hand gear after every wash and before storage;

– Don’t forget to open the Velcro Straps properly before washing and drying;

– Hang your gloves in a well-ventilated area;

– Fill your glove with newspaper and paper towels to absorb the moisture;

– Place your gloves under a fan to lower the drying time;

– Never put your gloves near a flame as it will cause the leather to lose its form and crack;

– Do not dry your gloves in a dryer;

– Blow drying your gloves dry is not advisable;

– Do not place your gloves around a heat vent.

MMA gloves health checklist

As important as it is to clean your gloves every once in a while, you also need to maintain them regularly.

Doing this is mandatory to minimize the chances of getting a severe injury while training for excessively long hours.

But how do you keep your gloves in check? Simply follow our health checklist mentioned below to determine your MMA gloves’ condition.

1. How well does your boxing gear hold up?

To feel completely safe and secure in your boxing gear, it should be of its highest quality.

Ensure that the glove is thoroughly padded, the casing unbroken, and no part is torn or worn out with time.

2. How comfortable does your gear feel while you are training?

The sole purpose of wearing protective gear while training is to lower the discomfort experienced by a boxer when preparing for combat sports.

However, if you are subject to constant pain in your knuckles or forearms, you should immediately speak about this with your coach and try finding more suitable boxing equipment.

In addition to this, MMA gloves also reduce the risk of injuries caused due to impact on small bones, muscles, and tendons present in your hand.

All in all, your gear should sit comfortably on your hands but still be sturdy enough to cushion harsh impacts.

3. How does your boxing equipment smell?

This is the last yet most obvious factor in the health checklist of boxing gear.

If you have to hold your breath every time you put on your MMA gloves because of their stinky, disgusting smell, it is time you put them down for good.

Hear it from us and follow our advice right now rather than being told off by your coach for smelling too bad in front of all your teammates.

To sum up, if any one of the factors listed above is not up to the standard stated, it is time for you to invest and upgrade your MMA gloves and other boxing gear for good.

Do this as soon as you can afford to because practicing with a worn-out glove is just as dangerous as driving without a seatbelt on.

Final Words

Having stated the importance and correct procedure of cleaning MMA gloves the right way, we have finally reached the end of our article.

We hope that the details mentioned, along with the queries to common questions, help teach you how to clean MMA gloves flawlessly, increasing their lifetime and boxing performance.

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