How should MMA gloves fit

How should MMA gloves fit?

Ready to buy your dream MMA gloves? But wait; are you aware of what precisely needs to be checked before getting your hands in one? No, right? Mixed martial arts depend on unique techniques and moves. To attain the perfect hit, one must know how should MMA gloves fit.

Here’s a detailed guide on each feature of MMA Gloves for you to choose the best.

1. Padding

The padding on MMA gloves can differ in thickness and material. The two most common material options are gel padding and the regular one.

Gel padding is found in some of the best MMA gloves as it is designed to absorb the shock and vibration from attacking or defending. Gel pads are best suited for heavy strikes and hits.

However, the regular one has one-inch thick padding suitable for regular fights. Not to forget, these gloves are suggested for real fights and ain’t ideal for training sessions.

For training, grappling gloves are recommended.

2. Size

It is clear that your gloves should never be too tight or too loose, but for MMA, the gloves should not even be slightly tight or loose. The right glove size depends not only on the size of your hand but also on your weight.

To determine the right size, wrap a tape or band around the widest part of your palm. When the band or tape feels comfortable on your hand, this is your right size! However, here’s a chart to guide you through the weight and size of the glove.

Weight of personCircumference of handGlove size
40 to 54 Kgs5.5 to 6.5 Inches8 oz
55 to 68 Kgs6.5 to 7.5 Inches10 oz
69 to 84 Kgs7.5 to 8.5 Inches12 oz
Above 84 Kgs8.5 to 9.5 Inches18 oz

3. Fingers

You have clearly two options, fingered gloves, and fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves are a better option when it comes to real fights, as some of the moves require a strong grip on your opponent.

These kinds of strong grips are often impossible with MMA gloves. On the other hand, the fingered gloves work best for training and heavy weight lifting.

4. Purpose

There are 3 basic types of gloves according to the purpose of use.

The grappling, sparring, and competition gloves. The grappling or hybrid gloves are best suited for training as they have very little passing and allow you to have firm grips.

Sparring gloves are best used for free fighting style as they have a lot of padding to prevent extreme hits on the opponents.

However, competition gloves are the ones used for actual MMA fights. These are padded heavier than grappling while lighter than sparring.


Before buying gloves for any sports, different measurements should be taken as it directly affects the outcome of your moves. Padding, size, weight, and purpose should be clear for the right fit.

Make sure you understand your movements and techniques and choose fingered or non-fingered gloves accordingly. Now that you know how should MMA gloves fit, purchase your favourite pair and start training!

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