How much do UFC gloves weigh?

How much do UFC gloves weigh?

If you’re new to UFC and want to understand more about their signature gloves, then you might be interested about how much do UFC gloves weigh.

UFC gloves are designed to safeguard the person wearing them and the opposing player. First, they shield the wearer’s knuckles and enable them to punch back with greater force to inflict more harm on the opposing player.

Second, the gloves are designed to minimize brain trauma due to repeated impact on the player’s head.

Different Types of UFC Gloves

Different types of UFC gloves have different weights; hence it is essential to know the difference between them to find the ones that suit you best.

Here are some of the most popular types of UFC gloves:

Competition gloves

Usually, professionals use four-ounce gloves, while beginners may choose six-ounce gloves for extra cushioning, which provides significant safety to your hands.

The UFC gloves typically weigh between four to six-ounce. However, you can find ones that weigh more than the average, especially in bigger variations.

Sparring gloves

From training with a heavy bag to actual sparring with an opponent, there is always a lot of pounding involved during sparring. Both of these activities necessitate that the gloves protect your fists against the forces.

As a result, the average UFC sparring glove weighs roughly seven ounces.

Grappling gloves

They have less cushioning than other gloves, and you can use them for clinch exercises or grapple. In addition, the glove allows the fighter’s fingers to move comfortably, giving them more grasping power.


How much do UFC gloves weigh?

Usually, UFC gloves aren’t any heavier than the range of four to six ounces because official laws of the game only allow gloves with these measurements.

Although, more skilled combatants typically wear gloves weighing around four ounces. This means that the more experienced a player is, the less covering he prefers. On the other hand, amateur players often choose foam, resulting in gloves weighing roughly six ounces.

If a player wears a bigger-sized glove, as in a 2XL or 4XL, this will have more foam cushioning. Sparring gloves typically have more padding than competition gloves, weighing about 7 ounces.

At the same time, grappling gloves are often designed and have weight the same as competition gloves. As a result, often, players use grappling gloves weighing between 4 and 6 ounces.

What factors determine the weight of UFC gloves?

The foam within the glove is the only item that adds to the mass of a UFC glove. So, for instance, sparring gloves are bulkier because you’ll need the extra foam for all those punches!

Will the gloves’ weight affect your fighting efficiency?

The total mass of the glove does not affect the result of combat, but the amount of padding in a glove determines its weight. As a result, the portion of padding you choose will affect the overall fight.


In the end, it all narrows down to how much mass you require as a player and the type of player you are. If you’re more skilled, you won’t need as much foam, and your gloves will be lighter, and if you’re less experienced, you’ll need to have more coverage and, as a result, bulkier gloves.

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