Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves Review

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves Review

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If you’re an MMA athlete, you are aware of the importance of suitable gloves. It’s not just about performance but also your security. The top MMA gloves must safeguard fighters’ hands and wrists without causing limitations in movement.

Furthermore, the fighter should feel comfortable wearing the gloves. However, it is no secret that the world of MMA Gloves can be confusing. But don’t worry, in our Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves review, we will help you understand all you have to learn regarding MMA gloves.

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Why did we pick Hayabusa T3?

For starters, MMA gloves can be pretty expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a quality pair at an affordable price.

But, in the vast array of gloves, choosing the right one can be challenging. We believe that the quality of the product is essential; quality MMA gloves are sturdy, long-lasting, durable, and tough.

We’ve picked Hayabusa because they have a high rating. Another reason is that many high-profile MMA fighters support the brand.

The term “Hayabusa” means Peregrine Falcon in Japanese. It is a predatory falcon that provides tremendous power, strength, and speed combination. Also, the bird is known for striking its enemy with precision and ferocity.

Hayabusa is the top producer of MMA gloves, equipment, and clothing. Elite athletes around the globe use the equipment of the brand.

Through the years, Hayabusa has created its own patented technology.

But are they any good? YES! Over the years, Hayabusa has released some fantastic MMA gloves, which have earned praise from people in the MMA community.

But, they’ve also been the source of many poor gloves.

Hayabusa gloves cost between $50 and $80. The price is contingent on several elements like the grade of the material, size, and the gloves’ design.

Note: When purchasing MMA gloves, price shouldn’t be the primary consideration; what’s most important is the grade of the product and the level of comfort, wrist support, and power transfer.


It is undisputed that Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves are one of the best MMA gear. They provide the most excellent flexibility and security. Honestly, it is the ideal choice for combat, sparring, and striking.

Any level of athlete can benefit from these. The gloves are pre-curved. This ensures that you do not feel fatigued while fighting. Its multi-directional dual strap closure safeguards your wrists and hands.

Moreover, the unique wrist support technology guarantees the highest level of protection, reducing wrist strain.

However, it takes time to break them in, and they are pretty expensive.

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves Review

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves are a great pair of gloves that can benefit all levels of athletes. They are multi-purpose; you can use them for sparring, combat, and striking.

In addition to the exceptional pre-curved design, its dual strap closure is multi-directional and protects your hands and wrists.

Indeed, the innovative wrist support system ensures the highest degree of protection while reducing strain on your wrists.

On the other hand, the leather of the inside portion is very soft on your fingers. Although, it is crucial to select the correct size, or else you may cause injury to yourself.

Unfortunately, we noticed that the cost for the T3 is slightly more expensive, but you will not regret investing your money. They last for a long time. We think this product is ideal for competition and training.

We have evaluated the product in quantitative form based on features, durability, comfort, protection, and price.

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

Pros & Cons




The gloves are one of the seamless sets of MMA gloves for combat sports, especially MMA. As a matter of fact, the T3 gloves are perfect for all athletes.

Furthermore, the pre-curved design helps to keep your hands safe from exhaustion. Additionally, it comes with the Dual-X closure, which ensures you have a stabilized glove within your wrists and hands.

The MMA glove is also equipped with a Y-Volar style that increases its stability and offers more security and comfort.

Whatever you’re taking part in, the pair of gloves will be perfectly aligned with your hands and does not hinder your movements.

Contrarily, the outsides of the glove are constructed from a top-quality foam complex that is highly elastic.
The T3 MMA glove is also made with Deltra-EG foam.

It effectively absorbs impact and disperses it throughout the glove to ensure that you’re not hurt and you can continue throwing punches without exhaustion.

Furthermore, the ultra-durable outer layer of the glove has been proven to be tough and resistant to abrasions, cracks, tears, and other types of injury.


The Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves are designed ergonomically; you can use them for grappling, striking, and combat.

These gloves have Hayabusa’s designed pre-curved style, Dual-X strap closure with a Y-Volar design.

These gloves are very lightweight: 4-ounces, making them perfect for competition. Its also available in six different color combinations, including black, white/black, black/red, black/blue, black/green, and Black/Grey.


One of the principal features you’ll notice is the brand’s focus on the details of the gloves. The craft is exceptional, and this is what makes it durable.

Furthermore, the gloves are made from Vylar fabric. It is a synthetic material that makes the gloves lightweight and highly resistant. It is also washable, like leather gloves.

The T3 has been tested and passed for properties such as elasticity, the strength of tensile, and resistance to abrasion. This means you can count on it for many years of service even after being involved in brutal combat.

Comfort & Protection

As you know, comfort and protection of hands during MMA combat or training are very important.

These gloves have Hayabusa’s designed pre-curved style that helps reduces fatigue in the hands, allowing hands to be more flexible and comfortable.

Its Dual-X strap closure provides more fantastic wrist and hand stability. Whereas the Y-Volar design further improves this stability and keeps your hand safe and secure.

Many users have reported an excellent shape that allows it to stay put whether you’re striking or grappling. So however hard you may train with it, it offers you a very tight fit.

As mentioned above, the Deltra-EG foam used to make the glove plays a huge part in providing hand protection.

It efficiently absorbs impacts and distributes them throughout the glove. Furthermore, it ensures you aren’t injured, and you’ll continue to throw punches with no exhaustion.

Similarly, its outer double-ultra layer makes the gloves solid and resistant to scratches, tears, cracks, and other forms of injury.

Lastly, its antimicrobial lining XT2 offers protection against mildew, bacteria, mold, and other hazardous microbes. It also prevents foul odor.

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves


The only drawback about the Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves is that it takes time to break them in, but they offer the most incredible flexibility once that passes.


Even though the price may seem high/ expensive, considering its features, design, durability, etc., it’s worth the price.

Hayabusa T3 is the perfect option of MMA Training gloves for professionals and beginners that offers excellent durability, comfort, and support.


What factors should one consider while choosing MMA gloves?

When looking for MMA gloves before purchase, the primary factors that MMA fighters should consider are:

Can you spar with MMA gloves?

Yes, you can. However, be cautious when you do that. If you’re wearing MMA gloves, it is recommended to spar around 25% of your maximum effort.

Should you wear MMA gloves with a tight fit?

The MMA gloves must fit your hands. It’s not advisable to wear too tight gloves since this could limit blood flow.

What is the best way to break into MMA gloves?

If you want to break them in, the most basic way is to close and open your hands and then punch the gloves into one another.

Or you can also imitate how you’ll be using them afterward (for training). Do enough to make them stop irritating you, but don’t try to do too much.

The repeated use will complete the rest after you do more sparring.

What should be given special attention when it comes to MMA gloves?

If there’s something to be aware of and give full attention to is the exactness of the palm of the glove. It can be the significant distinction between a decent and a great one.

1. Open-Palm design: This design is more than perfect for fighting hot and wet hands, but many believe it can negatively impact the fit of the glove within the hand of the user. Many gloves include adjustable wrist guards and secure finger guards that ensure that the glove is in the proper place to compensate for this.

2. Perforated palms: The perforated palm lets you enjoy the air without sacrificing the fit of the glove’s design.

3. Mesh vent panels: Many kinds of gloves for MMA have these panels. The panels help keep cold palms at the same level as the gloves with open palms without sacrificing any adjustments.

Alternative Brand


If the Hyabusa T3 MMA glove mentioned above does not appeal to you, then another great option is Venum. Venum is a renowned brand that produces some of the finest MMA gloves available.

Venum sells a range of premium MMA gloves, each known for its superior quality. In addition, the company has an entirely different method of making and designing MMA gloves, which is why Venum is the top selection by many people.

Moreover, the brand sells both genuine leather gloves and synthetic leather gloves. They also offer antimicrobial products.

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

Final verdict

After going through our Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves review, we’re sure you have a better idea of whether these gloves are the ones you need.

The T3 MMA gloves can be durable, flexible, and comfortable. It also reduces wrist strain. And most importantly, you can use it for combat, sparring, and striking.

 Even though they may seem expensive, every feature they offer is worth the price. Also, many professional MMA fighters use it. This is why its performance and durability are indisputable.

Therefore, we recommend these gloves, but you can always do more research and look for ones that suit you.

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