Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves Review

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves Review

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Buy the Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves are among the best options for MMA gloves. They are the most sought-after products from Everlast.

So, if you are thinking of buying these, you have come to the right place. We will give a thorough review of the Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves.

MMA is among the most brutal martial arts branches – it’s considered a strategic war. To win, you must be able to cause the maximum amount of damage on your opponent and thwart their attack.

So, you’ll require efficient MMA gloves to give you an advantage over your rivals physically and mentally, and the Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves are a perfect fit.

Everlast is a well-known sports retailer particularly famous for its boxing gloves. They’ve created a great line of gloves that you can use in mixed martial art training and professional tournaments.

Everlast is currently present in more than 100 countries, with its products being distributed throughout the globe.

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Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves are made of synthetic leather that ensures durability.

In addition, they come with a comfy full wrist wrap strap that gives you superior support of the wrist and a more personalized fit.

The gloves also come with a breathable mesh palm and a fantastic standout design with a more extended knuckle padding, ensuring your fingers are protected during training or matches.

Although, the biggest drawback of these gloves is that they are “one size fits all,” meaning they may be too small for people with heavier/bigger build.

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves are the ideal multi-purpose fighting and fitness gloves. They are suitable for many different purposes. The breathable design gives your hands lots of room to breathe, so you won’t sweat when you remove them as with other gloves.

The wrist support is excellent, as with the majority of Everlast products. After just a couple of uses, you’ll see that the gloves can bend more easily when making a fist. Furthermore, they’re extraordinarily comfortable and superior training gloves when you’re familiar with them.

Although they are advertised as kickboxing gloves, you can also use them for grappling. It is challenging to maintain a firm grasp on the opponent while training, as you become sweaty and exhausted.

Therefore, these gloves will give you a better grip, and due to their breathable design and lightweight, you do not feel them on your hands like with other gloves.

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves serve their purpose, provide support, and function efficiently the most with lighter bags. Anyone can use by anyone; females, and males, for any degree of training.

We have evaluated the Everlast MMA Kickboxing gloves based on design, features, durability, comfort and protection.

Design & Size

The open palm design for this Everlast product is impressive. It lets you perform and move your hands freely without any restrictions.

It’s also relatively simple to remove, so you’ll be able to spend less time trying to get your gloves off and more time training.

As mentioned above, the gloves are one size fits all; they do not have customized/specific sizes. Instead, they have a general fit, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will fit everyone.

For example, these gloves probably won’t fit MMA fighters with larger and bigger hands.


Firstly, the Everlast MMA/Kick Boxing gloves are suitable for many purposes; you can use them for grappling, sparring, and kickboxing. Similarly, you can also use them with heavy or light bag work.

The mesh palm panels offer excellent breathability and make sweating less excruciating. When training hard, fighters are prone to sweat; this sweat also builds inside the gloves, making gripping hard, leaving behind a bad smell.

The mesh panels help reduce the build-up of sweat and its odor.

Everlast is also mindful of how delicate your thumbs can be during training. So, they’ve added padding around the thumbs to avoid injuries that could impede your progress while working out with heavy bags.

The closed-cell foam technology adds extra padding around the knuckles, and thumbs protect your hand. Simultaneously, the padding eliminates the fear of hurting your opponent during training or even taking them out, allowing you to train more intensely.

The grip bar allows your hand to be natural, whereas the adjustable hook and loop wrist strap provides a perfect/secure fit. It also makes taking off and putting on the gloves easier.

However, note that gloves with straps provide an ideal fit. They come in two kinds: one in which straps can snap onto the wrist’s entire circumference, while the other one is where the glove has specific points to connect.

A few modern MMA gloves have double-straps. Lower-cost manufacturers utilize hook-and-loop fasteners, which don’t hold the glove (once worn out). You’ll have to change the strap length throughout training until it stops working.


Since the Everlast kickboxing gloves are made of synthetic leather, they are extremely durable.

Synthetic leather is ideal for many items such as shoes and gloves due to its cost-effectiveness, water resistance, and abrasion resistance. Synthetic leather is lighter, thinner, and dries quickly.

Any product made with synthetic leather offers more comfort and flexibility without sacrificing essential features like abrasion or tear-resistance and quality.

Protection & Comfort

The Everlast MMA/Kickboxing Gloves are made for strikers. The excellent support of the wrist that the gloves offer and the adjustable design make striking easy and comfortable.

The brand-new extra padding on the knuckle aids in protecting fingers during training and combat. Additionally, synthetic leather gives an added layer of strength to the unit.

Also, the mesh palm design makes them more comfortable because it allows your skin to breathe. This also reduces the sweat that builds into the mitt and keeps them from smelling foul.

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves


The major setback with these gloves is that they are one size, even though one size means that they are suitable for all.

However, that may not be the case here; these gloves may be too small for MMA fighters with larger bodies and hands.

Secondly, you’ll have to use them multiple times to break them in. Before that, they might not feel as comfortable, but once you get used to them, they will give you a perfect fit with easy fist making and good grip.

You’ll be able to move your hand without restrictions.

Lastly, the mesh palm helps reduce the odor of sweat, but the sweat build-up in gloves will leave the smell over time, which will be hard to get rid of.

Alternative Brands


Venum is among the top manufacturers of premium quality MMA gloves. However, one of the main arguments against these gloves is its cost.

But since the brand takes a different method of producing an assortment of MMA gloves. Their prices match and live up to the attributes they offer.

Their products come from decades of research and development in sports technology. This is why they are so famous among professional fighters.

Venum MMA gloves are readily available in synthetic leather and grain leather. It also offers its anti-microbial feature that helps eliminate the odor.

Furthermore, the brand offers many great products, but our favorite and the best MMA glove out there is the Venum Undisputed 2.0.


Hayabusa is one of the most well-known Japanese MMA glove manufacturers.

As a leading brand selling a variety of health, fitness, and combat-related gear and clothing, you will easily spot many products and equipment from the band in gyms worldwide.

Various professional MMA teams, athletes, and coaches back them up. In addition, the company has invested long hours developing top-quality gloves bought worldwide.


How should MMA gloves fit?

To ensure a perfect fit, make sure they’re not loose, or they’ll be falling off in the course of the fighting. Additionally, don’t tighten your gloves too tight because you could limit circulation when using your hands.

The solution? Check if the gloves snugly fit on your hands.

It’s always best to measure your hand circumference and buy the glove based on your hand size.

Are MMA gloves suitable for punching heavy bags?

The thin padding of MMA gloves could cause serious harm to your wrists when striking the heavy bags over a long time. In addition, special MMA gloves do not have an extra length in the wrist strap that safeguards your wrists when you perform a poor strike which can cause injuries.

However, the mixed martial art gloves released recently have enhanced gel inserts and extra-long protection for wrists. Therefore, you should get these gloves if you’re interested in intensive bag training.

Are Everlast MMA gloves suitable for punching bags?

Yes, Everlast MMA Gloves are ideal for light punching bags. However, more heavy gloves, like the Everlast Heavy Bag Gloves, are ideal for punching heavy loads.

This all comes to the training you receive and what you seek in your training gloves.

What kind of gloves do UFC fighters wear?

Professional fighters wear gloves of 4-ounces, whereas amateurs usually wear heavier gloves of 6 ounces for more excellent protection.

In both instances, gloves allow fingers for grappling, which helps better clinch fights and defense against submissions.

Everlast Pro Style Grappling Gloves are ideal for such fighters.

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves

Final verdict

After Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves review, it’s safe to say that these gloves offer great price-to-value and are great for novices wanting to dive into the sport without costing a fortune.

However, even though they’re of a good standard and value, the Everlast MMA gloves can’t contend with the major brands like Hayabusa and Venum.

The MMA gloves you wear, play a significant role in how you perform in your training sessions and ultimately during a fight in the octagon.

Therefore, the first step towards an improved MMA career is the choice of gloves. Based on your preference and budget, you can purchase boxing gloves that fit your liking perfectly.

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