Everlast MMA grappling gloves review

Everlast MMA grappling gloves review

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Are you having trouble finding gloves that don’t quite fit and often slip when you are grappling? Don’t worry!

We understand. When it comes to martial arts, having the right gear is important. It is especially true for gloves, which can often be an important factor between winning and losing a match.

Grapplers know this all too well, that is why they are always on the lookout for the perfect pair of gloves.

The Everlast MMA grappling gloves have an innovative design that allows a perfect fit, so you can focus on your match instead of readjusting. But are they worth buying?

In this Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves Review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of these gloves.

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Why do you need MMA gloves?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact sport that allows both striking and grappling, which means that participants can end up punching, kicking, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and wrestling their opponents.

Because of the wide range of damaging techniques that are used in MMA, athletes need to wear the proper gear to protect themselves from injuries.

MMA gloves are one of the most important pieces of gear for participants, as they help to protect the hands from strikes.

A good grip is essential for wrestlers and grapplers alike, as it allows them to overcome their opponents and perform moves more effectively.

Gloves also help to prevent your opponent from getting a good grip on you, which can be the difference between winning and losing a match.

So if you’re serious about MMA, grappling gloves is a must-have.

Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves


The Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves have several features that make them stand out from other gloves on the market. Here are some of the most notable features from our review.

Thumb loop

Looking for a glove that does not slip off? Then this feature is for you. The gloves offer a thumb loop feature that helps to keep the gloves in place.

It is most helpful for users who have bigger hands, as it can be difficult to keep a tight grasp on loose-fitting gloves.

As the thumb slides through the loop, the gloves can be easily pulled onto the rest of the hand. That’s why these gloves have textured palms that allow the user to grab and hold their opponents.

They are also ideal for grappling and grappling sports.

Elastic cuffs

The elastic cuffs help add more spark to these gloves. It helps to keep the gloves snug and secure. The elastic cuff does this by making the gloves a little tighter around your wrist.

This means that the gloves will be less likely to slip off during a match. Secondly, it helps to protect your wrists from injury.

The elastic cuff is great for preventing wrist injuries because it keeps the gloves tight and secure, but it also gives you some extra padding on your wrist, which means that if you do get hit, your wrist is less likely to be injured.

Perforations on palms

The perforations on the palms help to improve breathability and keep your hands cool during a match.

While testing these gloves, we found that this also helps prevent excessive sweat from getting into your gloves, as well as keep your hands dry and odor-free.

With the help of these gloves, a little bit of ventilation can go a long way in hot and humid conditions.

Being able to keep your hands dry and cool is important, especially when playing in the heat, as your hands can start to swell if they are wet.

Evercool Technology

No matter what the weather is like outside, the Evercool Technology of this glove will keep your hands cool and dry!

You can wear this glove in myriad conditions and it will adjust to you!

Whether you go out on a windy day or it’s cold, you’ll never have to worry about getting your hands wet or cold. It’s a versatile glove that will fit well with whatever you need!

This glove is super lightweight and will not slow you down!

Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves Review

Snug Fit

These gloves have an innovative design that allows for a snug fit. This is important for maintaining a good grip and preventing your opponent from getting a good grip on you.

Moreover, the snug fit also prevents the gloves from slipping off during a match.

Good Protection

The gloves are made of durable material that offers good protection for your hands. While they’re not the most heavily padded gloves on the market, they offer a good balance of protection and flexibility.


The material used for these gloves is breathable, so your hands won’t get too sweaty during a match. It is also worth noting that the gloves are machine-washable, so you can keep them clean and fresh for your next match.

Good Grip

These gloves are designed to improve your grip and make you an immovable force on the mats.

This can be useful for a variety of grappling martial arts including judo and jiu-jitsu which require a degree of hand-to-hand combat.

So, if you’re looking for some new training equipment, but still want to maintain your old school approach, these are the gloves for you!

Durable Hook & Loop

This glove is made with a quality, durable hook and loop that will provide a snug, comfortable fit every time you put them on.

Additional Features

Ever decide on a product based on the additional features it has? Most consumers do. Additional features make a product more appealing and can help persuade you to make a purchase.

With that in mind, these gloves have a few additional features that can make your workouts more effective and comfortable.

Pros and Cons

There are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing the Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves. These gloves are too good but everything has some downsides as well.




Should You Choose Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves?

The gloves have an innovative design that allows for a snug fit, so you can focus on your match instead of readjusting your gloves.

Additionally, the gloves offer good protection and have a special grip that helps you maintain control over your opponent.

The gloves are also breathable and machine-washable, so you can keep them clean and fresh for your next match.

Additionally, these gloves have thumb loops and elastic cuffs that help to keep them in place during a match. It will help to prevent the gloves from slipping off and protect your wrists from injury.

Moreover, these gloves are made of high-quality materials that are designed to last.

They are also comfortable to wear and offer a good grip that will help you perform at your best. It is an ideal choice for any player who wants a good quality product that they can rely on.

So, if you are looking for gloves that will help you improve your game and protect your hands, these are a perfect choice. They are sure to provide you with the comfort and performance you need to succeed on the court.

Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast MMA grappling gloves review

Are Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves Worth Buying?

The gloves are made from synthetic leather and spandex material that is designed to give you a tight and comfortable fit.

According to our review, these are the perfect gloves for any fighter who wants to have excellent hand protection during training sessions.

The gloves are designed with a tight and comfortable fit that will not allow your hands to slip out of the glove during grappling sessions.

They also offer both good protection and comfort, which is why they’re worth buying if you’re looking to train in mixed martial arts or any other combat sport that involves grappling with your hands on another person’s body.

What Makes Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves Different From Others?

These Everlast gloves are known for their superior quality and sturdiness. Unlike other gloves, these gloves have focused all of their efforts on finding the perfect balance between weight and protection.

Because of this, it is heavy enough to effectively protect the user while still being light enough to allow the user to move with ease.

These gloves are made from durable synthetic leather and feature reinforced padded knuckles for added protection.

They also have an attached thumb design that helps to prevent eye injury and a hook-and-loop closure that provides a secure fit.

 Additionally, they’ve got an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

And finally, they come with amazing quality, so you know you’re getting a product that’s built to last.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that can take a beating and keep on going, Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves are a great choice.


MMA grappling gloves offer several benefits for both beginner and experienced fighters.

For beginners, grappling gloves provide essential protection for the hands and wrists while allowing you to grip your opponent more securely.

Experienced fighters can benefit from the added support and stability that MMA gloves offer, as well as the added protection against cuts and scrapes.

MMA grappling gloves are also designed to promote better hand positioning when fighting.

This is because they have strategically placed padding that helps to distribute the impact of punches more evenly across the surface of the glove.

This can help to prevent hand injuries, as well as improve your overall performance in the ring. Moreover, MMA gloves can help to increase the speed and accuracy of your punches.

The added padding around the knuckles helps to absorb the impact of each punch, which in turn makes it easier for you to deliver powerful blows with fewer injuries.

Additionally, the added support offered by MMA gloves can help to improve your balance and stability when throwing punches.

Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves


MMA grappling gloves are a great addition to your training arsenal. If you’re in the market for a quality pair of MMA grappling gloves, look no further than Everlast.

These gloves are made with premium materials and offer great protection and support during training or sparring sessions.

They also feature a stylish design that will make you stand out from the competition. We hope this Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves Review helped you enough to purchase the gloves that best suit your needs.

However, we would surely recommend the MMA grappling gloves.

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