Do MMA gloves hurt more than boxing gloves?

Do MMA gloves hurt more than boxing gloves?

So, do MMA gloves hurt more than boxing gloves? Well, although they are both combat sports, boxing and mixed martial arts have quite distinct guidelines. Both types impact how a fighter is when they step foot inside a boxing ring. Moreover, both gloves are significantly different in design.

This question is not simple to answer, and we need to look at different aspects to understand the intricacies of both types before coming to a Yes or No answer. Keep reading this article to find out more!

Are Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves Any Different?

Yes, boxing gloves and MMA gloves are quite different. Here are some properties that make them unique:


The most noticeable variation between the two types of gloves is how the fingertips are sewn. Boxing gloves are worn like mittens, with padding over all of the fingers. Mixed martial arts gloves are similar to ordinary ones; the fingers are split while the knuckles and fingertips are uncovered.

This distinction arises from the belief that MMA athletes must be able to use their hands free during a match’s gripping action.


The amount of cushioning distinguishes boxing and MMA gloves too. While boxing gloves have thick cushioning and they frequently weigh a pound, MMA gloves, on the other hand, are thinner, slimmer, and less cushioned than traditional gloves.

Furthermore, a boxer receives and delivers many punches during a match. A fighter mainly targets their opponent’s head. Whereas jabs, as well as kicks and grappling holds, are typical in MMA competition.

With MMA gloves, you can try several wrestling, striking, and submission moves.

Conventional boxing gloves cover half of a player’s wrists. Furthermore, you can secure the gloves with strings such as those on sneakers. Contrarily, MMA gloves are usually cover the top of the wrist.

Besides, you tie them around your wrist with a looping rope and Velcro tabs. The more recent versions of boxing gloves also come with a strap-and-Velcro fastening, more commonly utilized for practice than combat.

Hand wrap

Fighters wear a hand wrap to protect their wrists, knuckles, and forearms from the pressure of dozens of punches. In addition, the size and padding of the boxing gloves accommodate the greater weight.

In MMA, hand wraps are less prevalent; the glove is notably smaller, with minimal padding between the hand and the glove.

Punching Power

Punching power is difficult to assess because there are so many variables involved. The answer is usually subjective to the person who is throwing the punch.

The weight of the gloves may also play a role in the finish. Boxing gloves typically weigh between eight and twelve ounces, depending on the match contract agreed upon by both sides.

However, all matches typically employ the standard four-ounce gloves in MMA gloves. As a result, fighters will be able to deliver faster punches using MMA gloves due to their reduced weight.

Do MMA Gloves Hurt More Than Boxing Gloves?

When it comes to the total weight of the boxing glove, it does throw a mean punch. But on the other hand, the lighter weight of an MMA glove can significantly impact.

To put it simply, we feel that MMA gloves might cause immediate impact injury, but boxing gloves cause harm over time.

It would help if you also considered that boxers, who specialize in punching, may have an advantage in punching strength.

As opposed to MMA fighters, boxers are better at throwing the most compact and clean punches that increase damage.

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