Cheerwing MMA Gloves Review

Cheerwing MMA Gloves Review

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Combat sports are becoming popular. People now adapt these sports for workout purposes too. Among many combat sports, martial arts are popular among teenagers and youngsters.

Whether one enjoys combat sports as a sport or a workout, choosing the right gear is essential. One of the major gear for combat sports is gloves. One simply can not practice these sports without them.

If you are a martial arts enthusiast, you must be wondering what are the best gloves in the market these days. Making a purchase for your passion is a tricky one. You want it to be perfect and the best.

In the market, many gloves are available, varying from training to professional ones. If you are worrying about whether you should consider cheerwing MMA gloves or not, we will help you out.

Here, we will provide a Cheerwing MMA gloves review to make things easier for you. Let’s dive in to learn more.

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Cheerwing MMA gloves are MMA gloves made of high-quality PU leather and padded with EVA foaming.

 The leather and foam combination offers excellent shock absorbency, protecting the athlete against impacts.

With their ease of cleanliness, they deliver long-term durability. The wide wrist strap provides a perfect fit that can be customized as per one’s size and, at the same time, supports the wrist.

However, it won’t fit a small size. The unique design of Cheerwing MMA gloves ensures to conform naturally to the shape of the fist and provides maximum comfort.

The fingerless design offers thumb protection that enables protection against striking at its best during training and competition.

Cheerwing MMA gloves, with their comfortability and breathability, are suitable for both men and women.

The best part is these gloves offer all these features and are still light in weight. One can utilize these gloves for MMA, Grappling, Taekwondo, and other fighting sports.

Cheerwing MMA Gloves

Cheerwing MMA Gloves Review


Among many aspects, one aspect makes the Cheerwing MMA gloves review incomplete. Well, the first thing anyone looks for in sports inventory is the feature of a new entity.

Let’s discuss the features of Cheerwing MMA gloves and decide whether it’s a yay or nay for your sports collection.


Breathability and comfort are two essential elements while making a purchase. Sweating may result in poor gripping, and one may lose in important competitions.

Cheerwing MMA gloves use high-quality green screen cloth to ensure high absorption. That delivers comfort and quick perspiration during punches and hard deliveries.

Though breathable, few people complain about getting sweaty after two or more consecutive sessions.

Making them unbreathable and uncomfortable.


Curved Design

Cheerwing delivered a curved design of the MMA gloves, with a boxing first peak of about 2.5 cm. The curved design provides the perfect fit for the hand and offers dexterity.

Additionally, the hand back section is completely attached to the hand, improving the wrist’s flexibility.

All in all, the curved design of MMA gloves ensures that the fighter gets a perfect fit and flexibility, which helps his dexterity.

Though the curved design offers a perfect fit, with small hands, these gloves will cause trouble for users. The upper side of the gloves slips off easily, causing irritation and discomfort.

Resulting in poor performance and training, which may affect one’s dexterity.

High-Quality Material

Cheerwing adopts a multi-layer design to ensure the durability of the gloves. These are developed with high-quality material, i.e., advanced PU leather and EVA sponge.

PU being light weight provides a great look. EVA, on the other hand, ensures the strength of the gloves. EVA sponge offers durability and sturdiness, enabling it to absorb strong forces from the opponent.

Additionally, it makes the gloves weather, oil, fuel, and chemical resistant.

Advanced PU leather and EVA together provide better shock absorbency and effectively protect against impact, making gloves more durable for long-term use.

Even though the gloves are well padded, few users find them “not very leathery feeling.” Making them uncomfortable with rough inside and offering difficulty in punching.

Cheerwing MMA Gloves

Thumb Protection

The Cheerwing MMA gloves are fingerless yet offer excellent thumb protection. The padding provides enough protection to fingers and knuckles, making punching less hurting.

Optimal striking protection is ensured by thumb protection. However, due to fingerless features, many people prefer to use them with wrapping to avoid the crummy feeling of chapping with the material.

Additionally, being fingerless makes these gloves more useful. They can be used to hold or lift things in daily life. While at the same time, it offers grappling in combat sports.

Wrist Protection

A 15.35 inches long and 2.04 inches wide wrist strap with a two-layer design offers protection to the wrist during grappling. The wide strap provides a perfect and customized fit ensuring wrist support.

The wrist strap is velcro secured and protects the wrist. At the same time, the padding inside the gloves protects the knuckle and fingers.

It helps in distributing force and delivering impactful strikes with minimum pain. With this being said, Cheerwing MMA gloves deliver better and hard strikes sending shock waves to one’s opponents.

Suitable For

Combat sports, is a sport that has a lot of hands involvement while fighting, so protecting your hands during these fighting is vital for the safety of the fighters.

Various combat sports for which Cheerwing MMA gloves are suitable are below:


Cheerwing currently isn’t offering much variety in terms of color and fashion. MMA gloves are available in three colors, i.e., black, golden, and white.

For someone who is a MMA enthusiast and fashionista, these gloves may put them off.

Cheerwing MMA Gloves


Currently, Cheerwing offers these gloves in two sizes, i.e. large and extra-large. But with the wide wrist strap, you can customize the fit of these gloves on medium hands too.

The gloves don’t fit well even with customized wrist straps for hands smaller than medium size. One may need extra straps as well as extra fingerless gloves to match the palm area.


The Cheerwing MMA gloves come in L and XL sizes, weighing 10 oz and 12 oz each. These gloves have the perfect weight for MMA sports, neither too heavy nor too light.

 They deliver a burden-free fighting experience for the player. Fighters can focus better on sports rather than worrying about the weight on their hands.

Being lightweight makes them a perfect choice for MMA, but at the same time, it is a big NO for heavy boxing.

Due to intense strikes and punches may get worn out and do not offer much protection from the opponent’s punches. Which may result in some severe injuries.


Does one need extra wrap with these gloves?

The MMA gloves come with a wrist wrap, and one doesn’t need an extra wrap for protection.

How to keep these gloves clean?

These gloves are easy to clean. One can either put a machine on gentle washing or place them in sunlight to evaporate sweat or smell.

Can a 12-year-old kid wear them for MMA training?

If the kid has large hands, then it will go perfectly by adjusting the wrist strap. However, most kids at 12 have small or medium-sized hands. In that case, they can not wear Cheering MMA gloves.

Can these gloves be used for the speed bag?

They are perfect for speed bags, MMA, sparring, and free-standing bag.

Which material is used for these gloves?

They are made up of PV leather with EVA foaming.

Are these gloves padded enough for heavy bags?

They are well padded but not suitable for heavy and long-hitting sessions.

Can I use these gloves for boxing Training sessions?

Yes you can, only if the training sessions are not long and hard.

Are they durable?

They are pretty durable for MMA and light hitting. With padding around palm area, they not only become breathable but there durability is enhanced.

Cheerwing MMA Gloves

Cheerwing MMA Gloves Review


If you are still wondering about the durability and comfort of Cheerwing MMA gloves, hold on and don’t worry. Let us help you. Here are a few alternatives available online.

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

Venum provides 4 oz small size MMA gloves with PU leather. With their double closure design, these gloves offer the perfect fit and support.

The PU leather padding ensures sufficient protection against strikes during training or in the ring. Multi-layer padding makes them great shock absorbent, offering great comfort to the player.

Venum Challenger MMA gloves are good to go for light training. However, for excessive and long training sessions, they wear out.

Xinluying MMA Gloves

Xinluying MMA gloves with their PU and EVA padding makes them durable and shock absorbent. The inner fabric of the gloves provides sweat-absorbing quality making it clean and fresh for a longer time.

They provide full finger protection along with wrist protection with a 45 cm wrist strap. With a 10 oz weight, they are usually considered lightweight.

Though thick layering makes them good shock absorbent, they often become too hard for some users. Due to thick padding, users find it hard to properly close their fists and often hurt their hands in the process.

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast provides MMA gloves with 8 oz weight and EverDri technology.

The EverDri technology provides a moisture-absorbing technology that makes these gloves more breathable and comfortable for the fighter. They are made of premium synthetic leather.

The stitching of the glove often comes out after excessive and long sessions.

Cheerwing MMA Gloves

Final verdict

The cheerwing MMA gloves review concludes with, “it all depends on your preferences.”

One has to ask themselves whether they are opting for a glove that best serves heavy boxing or a glove that goes well with MMA, sparring, and day-to-day workouts.

The Cheerwing MMA gloves are breathable and comfortable, with enough padding to protect palm and fingers.

The extra wrist and thumb protection make them extra shielded and keep the player from harm.

Being light weight makes them an ideal choice to put on and start a fight, without being worried about extra weight.

Oh and not to forget, these are very economical among several options available for MMA gloves in the market.

The only thing that puts them off is that they come in limited sizes and colors. Else these are better choices for combat sports. Well, for me these gloves were a yay.

But you can try and tell us whether they proved yay or nay for you guys.

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