Can you use MMA gloves on a punching bag?

Can you use MMA gloves on a punching bag?

Gloves play a crucial role in heavy workout training. It’s a protector that you can’t just ignore while doing your heavy bag training to reduce fat or develop boxing skills.

Each type of training glove is designed according to the respective fitness training method or fighter’s regime. Similarly, MMA gloves are structured mainly to protect knuckles during intensive martial arts bouts.

So, can you use MMA gloves on a punching bag?

Yes! It is possible to use MMA gloves on a punching bag, but you can’t just use any MMA gloves. Using the wrong MMA glove can cause extreme injuries to the trainee’s knuckles, wrists, and arms.

So, let us tell you why MMA gloves are different and which one you can use for your heavy bag training.

MMA Glove Vs. Heavy Bag & Boxing Gloves

When you hit a heavy bag that weighs more than 60-70 lbs, the muscles of your body react to it. Your arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles are affected, not just your hands or wrists.

This is why ordinary boxing gloves are highly padded and longer to protect knuckles and support wrists.

On the contrary, MMA gloves are lightly padded, shorter in length, and do not cover fingers or thumbs. This is because the glove is designed to protect the fighter’s knuckles and the human opponent.

And, since they are designed for heavy training, they provide space for the free movement of fingers, so the fighter feels unencumbered during grappling.

The problem arises when the trainee chooses his lightly padded, short, and loosely fitted MMA gloves for heavy bag training and gets injured due to a lack of wrist and arm support.

Which MMA Glove Is Safe To Use On A Heavy Bag?

It is safe to say that not all MMA gloves provide protection for punching bag training. However, some fantastic gloves can be used for both MMA training and heavy bag boxing.

These gloves are:

Venum Undisputed Gloves

The Venum Undisputed gloves are one fine pair of MMA gloves for heavy bag training.

These gloves are made of high-quality Skintex naga leather, which protects wrists and is free of havoc wear and tear issues.

Another feature that makes these gloves perfect for heavy bags is the added foam layer padding that provides optimum knuckle protection. The velcro straps allow trainees to adjust the tightness so the wrists get appropriate support.

RDX Gloves For MMA

The RDX MMA glove is another appropriate heavy bag training glove.

Apart from the top-notch leather and EZ hook and loop closure for maximum wrist protection, these gloves are heavily padded to protect the practitioner’s hands.

The shock dissipation gel incorporated in these gloves minimized the impact to a greater extent which is why these gloves are perfect for heavy bag training.

The sweat-wicking fabric ensures that the trainee feels no discomfort while training intensively on a punching bag.


Heavy bag training is essential for workouts like aerobics, kickboxing, and other fitness regimes. So if you plan on using your MMA glove for them, make sure it is appropriately padded, aptly fitted, and comfortable on the hands.

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