Can you use MMA gloves for boxing

Can you use MMA gloves for boxing?

The designs of mixed martial arts and boxing gears are specific to their respective combats. It is a popular opinion that mixed martial arts are a relatively safer sport than boxing.

However, considering the fighter’s safety, senseis of that time designed a Kempo-like glove that could protect fighter’s hands during combats.

So, if the question is, are MMA gloves suitable for combat, or can you use MMA gloves for boxing?

Well, yes, you can. However, it is NOT recommended. MMA gloves provide significantly less protection as compared to heavily padded boxing gloves.

So there’s a significant amount of risk associated with it.

Let’s dig in to find more about MMA gloves and why they should and shouldn’t use them in boxing!

Why is the MMA glove not recommended suitable for boxing?

The reason why MMA gloves are not appropriate for Boxing is pretty understandable.

According to statistics, the chances of getting injured in an MMA match is 9.6% higher than in boxing. But these injuries are minor and easily recoverable.

However, the chances of getting severe injuries that cause unconsciousness and physical traumas are 3% higher in Boxing.

So, the fighter is more likely to get severely injured in boxing matches. The design and padding of MMA gloves are suitable for minor injuries.

What are MMA gloves?

MMA gloves were first seen in the movie “enter the dragon,” where Bruce Lee wore Kempo-like gloves in a karate scene.

In 1985, the Shooto competition made it mandatory for its fighters to wear these gloves.

MMA gloves are free-finger short gloves that provide optimum protection to the wearer’s hands.

Since MMA is all about holding the opponent down and grappling him, the design had to have free fingers for a tight grip. Such a firm grip is impossible to achieve in any other fighting glove.

What are the pros and cons of using MMA gloves for boxing?

Boxing is not only about sparring, slugger, or boxer-puncher. It also includes practices like shadow boxing, kickboxing, and heavy bag training.

Let’s see when, why, and why not should one use an MMA glove for Boxing.

Benefits of MMA gloves

MMA gloves provide good support to wrists, knuckles, and palms. These gloves can be suitable for heavy bag training and slow punching practices for skill development.

These gloves are lighter in weight, which gives the fighter an excellent chance to improve his skills.

Drawbacks of MMA gloves

MMA gloves might be suitable for learning techniques and practices, but they can injure when used in intensive training.

Boxing gloves are more appropriate for these practices as they have much heavier padding on knuckles than MMA gloves.

The forearm and fingers can also get injured due to quick hits as the upper hand and forearm are entirely unprotected.


MMA gloves should NOT be used for boxing. However, it depends on the intensity of training and the type of boxing.

It’s safer to use boxing gloves during boxing matches because they provide the safety needed to box!

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