Can I use MMA gloves on a punching bag?

Can I use MMA gloves on a punching bag?

Are you thinking of trying newly bought MMA gloves on the punching bag? You might be asking yourself “can I use MMA gloves on a punching bag?” If that’s you, then you are at the right place.

We all know that punching bags are sturdy to hit with average quality gloves. Thus, it would be a challenging task to use your MMA gloves for practicing on a punching bag.

The below guide will tell you whether you can use an MMA glove for the punching bag or not. So, let’s get started without further ado!

Are MMA gloves suitable for punching bags?

No, you can’t use MMA gloves for punching bags. They are not sturdy enough to stand against the hard layers of the punching bags. Doing so may lead to different knuckle and hand injuries.

The experts have also agreed that MMA gloves are not suitable to use with punching bags. Moreover, you cannot use these gloves when practicing a heavy bag workout.

While these gloves may seem sufficient, they can cause significant damage if you keep practicing punches on a punching bag.

We recommend using gloves with thick hitting pads that are almost 12 oz or below. The majority of the gloves with low weight are perfect to use with punching bags.

Some great qualities of MMA gloves

MMA gloves are one of the best accessories for amateurs. Some of the qualities that make them the best are given as under:


They are made with the highest quality materials that increase its efficiency. Many modern technologies are also used in their production to increase their durability.

Number of layers

They are available with a multi-layer system. The availability of this feature makes them perfect for protection and shock absorption when you punch against any hard object.

Materials used in construction

The highest quality Nappa leather is used to manufacture MMA gloves. Thus, you don’t have to worry about their quality and functioning.

Reinforcement on fingers

Unlike all other punching gloves, MMA gloves stand out of the competition by giving a perfect reinforcement on the fingers. A firm grip system is also present in these gloves.

What type of gloves can you use for punching bags?

Boxing gloves or other gloves that come with a weight lower than 12oz seem the perfect choice for punching bags. Ensure the availability of enough padding and quality of the leather when you purchase them to use with your punching bag.

However, if the gloves aren’t suitable for the punching bags, their padding will break easily after some usage. You should only go for the gloves that are especially designed practicing on a punching bag.

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