Can I use MMA gloves for boxing

Can I use MMA gloves for boxing?

Are you planning to use MMA gloves for boxing? But first you need to wonder: can I use MMA gloves for boxing?

People’s biggest misconception is that MMA and boxing gloves are the same. They are two different types of gloves designed for two different games that vary in nature.

From structure to its punch strength, there is a lot that varies. Therefore, MMA gloves can’t fit for boxing and vice versa.

Before exploring the differences between boxing and MMA glove and how harmful it can be to use one in place of the other, here is a brief introduction of the two.

MMA Gloves

MMA gloves don’t have any coverings on the tip of fingers. They are employed in martial arts bouts. As gripping is an important element in MMA fights, they are also called grappling gloves.

They help the fighter grab their opponent and manipulate with their bare fingers.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are designed with the sole purpose of ‘punching.’ As the sport doesn’t involve grappling or carrying, they are closed-finger gloves.

The glove is sufficiently padded to prevent the boxer’s hand and opponent’s head from major damage.

Differences in the structure of MMA and boxing gloves

As these gloves are designed for two particular sports, their structure and design vary to serve the individual needs of the respective sports.

While MMA gloves are explicitly designed for grappling, boxing gloves are made to facilitate striking. Now, it’s time to break the myth that MMA and boxing gloves are the same.


Padding is one of the differences that you can spot instantly. Boxing gloves are heavily padded, weighing up to 20 oz. Therefore, they are well suited to punch at the opponent and protect the boxer.

Unlike them, MMA gloves are sleeker and lighter. They accommodate grappling and kicking during the fight.


Fingers are another marked difference. MMA gloves are open-finger to facilitate grappling action. Boxing gloves wrap all fingers in a single heavily padded compartment.

Glove closure

What makes a powerful punch? A tightly held hand. Therefore, the boxing gloves have laces to hold your hand and forearm in place. MMA gloves, on the other hand, generally have a wrapping strap.

It is used only to keep the glove fixed to the wrist and not on top of it.

What happens when you hit a punching bag with an MMA glove?

Studies have revealed that MMA fights are bloodier but less dangerous than boxing. This reflects the importance of working with the right type of glove.

Boxing gloves being big and sufficiently padded are more forgiving. However, a few or even just one wrong hit with an MMA glove can cause great damage to your finger, knuckles and wrist.

They might also lack to add sufficient length to the wrist strap for protection and stabilization.


All in all, it is not recommended for a person to use MMA gloves on a heavy bag unless he is a professional to avoid any potential injuries.

Hope you are no longer unsure about ‘can I use MMA gloves for boxing?’

Find your best boxing glove and get started!

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