Best MMA Gloves For Beginners

Best MMA Gloves For Beginners

Are you looking for the best MMA gloves for beginners? Well, a good pair of MMA gloves is crucial when you want to start training in MMA.

When it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA), hands are employed to strike opponents in the body and face.

You require the top MMA gloves to train and in professional fights for successful performance. They protect the knuckles against injury when a fighter hits his opponent by striking.

When selecting MMA gloves to train, your decision will be contingent on several aspects, including the amount you wish to spend, the frequency you intend to train, the size of glove you require, etc.

With all these aspects in mind, we have compiled a list of best MMA gloves for beginners. Take a look and select suitable gloves for your training sessions!

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Importance of Gloves in MMA Training

MMA is among the most challenging sports on the planet. It is a blend of almost every form of martial arts – mixing and reinventing them into distinct combat styles that athletes compete against each other in the Octagon.

It is a game requiring a remarkable degree of fitness, fearlessness, and technical expertise.

To the casual observer, MMA can seem like an unforgiving and brutal sport in which two mature males (or women) smugly fight each other.

This could make it appear quite daunting. However, to the person practicing it, MMA is a complex art that encourages the expression of martial arts skills and pushes an individual’s body beyond its limit.

Since MMA is a combat sport in which one participant engages in a fight using maximal physical force. While the sport is real, adhering to fundamental rules and regulations is required.

Additionally, competitors need essential equipment like MMA gloves.

MMA gloves are an integral part of the kit, and it is not allowed for fighters to train or compete without gloves. The gloves guard the fighter’s hand as well as the face of the opponent.

MMA gloves shield you from extreme injuries and play an important role in improving your performance.

MMA gloves also give you the flexibility your hands require to execute complex grappling movements while swiftly switching to striking. Many MMA fighters worry about their hands when they strike their opponents.

 The person you are hitting could cause him to fall and can also be an extreme risk for your own health.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has a high rate of injuries to the hands and the head; therefore, it is crucial to use gloves.

As these gloves play a vital function in protecting your hands and fingers from harm, you’ll be able to get a better grip.

It is possible to exercise to the very top of your ability if you are not afflicted with any injury while training.

You can also easily take on your opponents since you have been appropriately trained.

Best MMA Gloves for Beginners

Best Overall: RDX’s F12 Maya Hide Leather Gloves

RDX F12 Maya Hide Leather Gloves Front and Back Views



The RDX F12 MMA Gloves are ideal gloves for those just beginning to learn about MMA. The rigid Maya-Hide synthetic material allows these MMA gloves to be durable.

The contoured polymax padding wraps around knuckles to provide adequate protection from shock impact. They are triple-layered to provide superior security when throwing a strike.

The Dual Quick Hook-and-Loop closure provides wrist support and makes it simple to put on and take off during training.

These gloves feature a moisture-wicking micro-fabric that helps draw moisture away from the skin, making hands comfortable and breathable.

The curved palm on the RDX MMA gloves is designed to give you the natural grip needed for clinching and gripping.

The gloves are of premium quality and low cost. Furthermore, the design of the gloves is contemporary and stylish; they are easy to clean and come in different colors.

Overall, they are a fantastic choice for beginners in MMA.

Best Premium: Revgear’s Pro Series Deluxe MMA Gloves



Revgear’s Pro Series Deluxe MMA Glove is the top choice for premium MMA gloves for a beginner. It has an open palm design that is unique as it allows you to keep the hand cool when you practice.

Additionally, the inside of this glove is lined with soft materials to increase their comfort.

Your sparring partner will be awed by these gloves. Why? Because of the length of the strap. Sometimes during MMA practice, the Velcro straps can scratch your opponent’s skin.

A long strap is an excellent solution to this. It also keeps the wrist more tightly and securely than other types of straps. This helps prevent wrist injuries.

The strategic padding on the gloves is a plus point. The middle and index knuckles, together with the thumb, are secured as they absorb the most significant force during a punch.

It provides the best training protection and isn’t limited to MMA moves.

Best Budget-Friendly: Starpro’s MMA Training Gloves



Starpro’s MMA Training Gloves are an ideal choice for athletes on a budget and beginning in the MMA field.

They are packed with the latest technology for textiles and can deliver what they say they will. Before you begin MMA training, these gloves should be first on your gear list.

They allow you to engage in all forms of grappling without restriction since they provide the perfect combination between protection and flexibility.

These gloves offer adequate protection but without sacrificing breathability.

The leather-like structure of the gloves ensures they are highly durable and easy to clean and, therefore, a must to have in your bag for your gym.

These MMA gloves are strong yet light enough for long-term usage so that you won’t get tired during your workout.

You can keep the ideal hand posture and decrease the chance of dislocation by taking advantage of the EVA foam cushioning these gloves provide.

It’s intended to imitate the shape of a fist to maintain your shape without causing fatigue. In addition, the foam absorbs shock and helps to prevent injuries by dealing with the consequences of collisions.

Overall, they are the perfect choice for all MMA beginner athletes with a tight budget.

These gloves offer all the features and functions you would expect from a premium quality glove but at an affordable price.

Best Value for Money: Everlast’s Everstrike Training Gloves



The Everlast Everstrike Training Gloves offer the best value for money. The gloves are constructed of synthetic leather and have an astonishingly soft inside lining.

Therefore, wearing these gloves with no hand wraps can be extremely comfortable.

They are very comfortable on the hands and fit securely on the thumb and fingers, along with adequate padding.

Additionally, the wrist strap is well fitted, and the strap’s direction means that the strap’s final pull will be towards you instead of away, so there’s less chance of any exposed velcro that might scratch your trainers.

The padding is also adequate for a training glove. Its foam padding gives you excellent, solid protection when punching.

They’re great for pad work and bag work for those who prefer an MMA glove over a boxing glove.

Furthermore, they’re not bulky and are great when you want to use them for training in grappling. These MMA gloves are among the best appearance gloves.

These gloves are made with “Evercool” technology, making them breathable. They have four available color options: black and gold, grey and black, red and blue, and black and red.

Best For Punching Bag: FitsT4’s Half Mitts MMA UFC Training Gloves



FitsT4 Half Mitts MMA UFC Training Gloves are made of synthetic PU leather, which is durable and has abrasion-proof EVA lining pads underneath the knuckle to protect hands from getting injured and from the shock impact.

The gloves come at a reasonable price and have an open palm design. The breathable cloth between fingers makes them an excellent choice for gloves to train in the summer as it helps wick sweat away quickly.

Additionally, the high elastic hollow palm design with a cylindrical hold bar improves grip fitness and prevents slippage. The gloves also offer an adjustable wrist strap for a customized fit.

The long wrist wraps made of elastic with the powerful hook and loop enclosures fit tightly and help support your wrist more.

The glove’s multi-purpose hand protection makes it suitable for taekwondo, grappling, kickboxing, speed bag martial arts, sparring, muay Thai training, and other light daily training.

The only drawback is that these gloves don’t have enough color options.

Buying Guide - All You Must Know About MMA Gloves

Although the equipment doesn’t create the athlete, we agree it plays a crucial part in enhancing the fighters’ capabilities.

For instance, in MMA, the proper gloves protect you and keep you at ease so you can exercise and fight for hours without anxiety or fatigue.

How do you determine the suitable gloves for you? There’s a wide selection of MMA gloves available, and the choice is dependent on what your requirements are right now.

Considering the variety of sizes and weights available, buying your first pair of MMA gloves can be an overwhelming experience for the novice fighter. This is a guide for beginners.

The Difference Between Boxing Gloves And MMA Gloves

Anyone who wants to become an MMA fighter must have an excellent pair of gloves since they help grip opponents, improve performance, and shield the fighters from injuries and dangers.

Additionally, it is also essential to be able to differentiate them from boxing gloves.

MMA is an entirely different game from traditional boxing. The distinction between MMA and boxing gloves stems from the various movements required in both sports.

 Regulations and rules mean that the gloves must differ depending on what is permitted because both have different attack methods. The difference is between two aspects: design and function.


An MMA glove helps prevent injuries from lateral movements by keeping your hands in place and letting your knuckles move.

This enables the wearer to grasp and wrestle, allowing it to be used for circuit and functional training.

Boxing gloves are padded fingers and palms and have an enclosed design. The thumb has padding for protection from injury; however, they play the role of restricting the hand’s movements to one fist.

Whereas MMA gloves rarely have thumb padding hence no movement restriction.


The function of a boxing glove isn’t only to protect the hands of the boxer but to shield the opponent from injury and give padding that won’t cause injuries when sparring.

This is the reason why boxing sparring gloves are generally thicker in padding. This ensures that every strike is masked by foam.

MMA is not taking this defensive stance, preferring the flexibility of its players instead.

Even though they have a certain amount of padding, it is significantly lesser than boxing gloves, which means you’re still prone to injuries while using MMA gloves.

Types of MMA Gloves

Mixed martial artists can pick between different kinds of gloves based on the purpose they intend to utilize them.

They are made to protect against injuries when they participate in an official match, train with their teammates and trainers, or spar with other fighters to get them in healthy condition before fighting.

The most significant difference between the kinds of gloves MMA fighters wear, and the reason for this is the padding’s weight.

 Four ounces refers to the mass of pad or foam inside the glove, not the mass of an MMA glove.

The more cushioned glove can provide a little more protection and “cushioning,” which helps ensure the fighter’s safety and doesn’t reduce their career.

Training Gloves

Training gloves used in MMA have the space to accommodate a fighter’s fingers to practice grappling and grabbing.

However, they’re not nearly as accessible and flexible as competition gloves with less padding. Why?

Because training gloves have more padding so that the hands and knuckles of a fighter are protected throughout practicing.

Training gloves ensure that fighters remain secure when throwing punches or grappling simultaneously.

They have segmented fingers with padding that covers the second knuckle and are also known as hybrid gloves.

Grappling Gloves

This style of glove is exclusive to MMA gloves. These gloves are as light in padding as possible but allow fighters to move safely across the floor.

MMA fighters must work on their grappling. They might have training sessions solely on grappling to ensure they are working on their leverage and submissions without relying on punches.

Sparring Gloves

There are two basic types of sparring gloves:

Both are suitable for sparring. It all depends on the individual’s preference. It is also worth noting that the gloves for sparring have more significant padding than the other gloves.

They are specifically designed to protect the hands of both MMA fighters.

Additionally, they are used only for training sessions. Purchasing gloves that clearly indicate they’re appropriate for sparring is essential.

Make sure to read the label and description carefully. If you purchase the incorrect gloves, you could cause serious injury to you and your partner.

Competition Gloves

They are also made to shield the hands of both MMA fighters, but they come with significantly less padding than the sparring gloves.

Competition gloves are made specifically for combat. Certain MMA gloves are used to fight; however, most of them weigh f ounces or more and are not legal to use in MMA competition.

The gloves for fights are typically 4 ounces and are not very padded. DO NOT USE THESE FOR SPARRING.

Weight and Size of MMA Gloves

Another distinct difference evident between MMA and Boxing gloves is the size and weight differences between the two.

Boxing gloves typically range from 8oz to 16oz. MMA gloves generally vary from 4oz to 6oz.

This is a significant distinction in size, not just when it comes to your wrist and hand; it also pertains to protecting your sparring partner or training partner.

MMA is clearly among the more risky games, but it is more likely to be injured by boxing due to the number of blows you can sustain by using larger and more padded gloves.

MMA Gloves Size

MMA gloves are available in various sizes of the hand’s circumference. They include:
SizeHand Circumference
Small15 - 18 cm
Medium18 - 20 cm
Large20 - 23 cm
X-Large23+ cm

Note: Use tape to measure around the radius of your hands/knuckles to determine the best size for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying MMA Gloves

Leather vs. Synthetic Leather

The difference is that leather is the highest quality material and is the most suitable choice for MMA gloves.

The drawback to this is that leather can be more expensive compared to synthetic materials, yet it’s far more robust and durable.

Synthetic leather is also an option; however, most fighters will be able to feel the difference between synthetic and genuine MMA gloves.

Foam Padding

One of the most popular kind of padding used for the MMA gloves is foam. Numerous brands employ layers of foam when making the MMA gloves, while some employ standard foam. It’s all about quality.

The less expensive gloves are usually less reliable and likely to last a few months of use. It is necessary to choose gloves that have high-quality padding.

Wrist Strap

Choose an authentic velcro straps for wrist/hand closure when buying MMA gloves. The strap connects the glove and helps keep your wrist and hand safe and snug.

Country of Origin

A different aspect to be considered when purchasing MMA gloves is where the gloves are made.

The most effective MMA gloves are typically produced in Thailand ( similar to shin guards), where the combat sports apparel industry enjoys a significant presence.

The cheapest MMA gloves are usually made in countries such as China or Pakistan and are made from inexpensive materials to save money.


What is the reason you should use MMA Gloves?

Similar to most fight sports main reason to wear gloves is to safeguard your wrists and hands; without gloves, you’ll be taking a lot of hits and blows, which could cause injuries quickly.

Another reason to use them is to guard against your opponent since the act of bare-knuckle combat can cause injuries to the face, most often resulting in large cuts to the face.

What is the most effective method of breaking in MMA gloves?

Hand mobility and flexibility are essential for MMA. Therefore, some new gloves might require breaking in before any significant sparring or MMA training session.

When you receive a new set of gloves, you’ll see they’re rigid and stiff. This is normal and expected. When you first try gloves, the movement using the hands is restricted.

To break the gloves start by crushing them in and then bending and buckling each slot for about two minutes. Repeat this process until your gloves begin to relax.

The concept behind this procedure is to ease the gloves from the sensation of stiffness. This will ensure that flexibility is given to every glove.

Are MMA gloves an excellent option to use on a punching bag?

Punching bags have long been used to build endurance, strength, and techniques in various fighting styles, including MMA.

However, using MMA gloves when hitting with a bag is not recommended. It’s simply the issue of protecting yourself.

Punching a bag that weighs around 100 pounds (or more) can cause extreme stress. If you’re not vigilant and don’t take care, you could end up with microscopic cracks in your hands.

There are a lot of MMA practitioners who think that their gloves offer protection against the punch bag, but this isn’t accurate.

The delicate material of MMA gloves is not made to withstand the rigors of such a harsh surface. They’re made to be used in live combat against real-life human opponents.

Therefore, they lack the padding to absorb the force of a savage punching bag strike.

If you’re looking to get into training with MMA gloves on your boxing bag, you may need to purchase heavy bag gloves made explicitly for this particular use.

What are some tips for buying MMA gloves?

MMA gloves are an essential component of martial arts training. However, you should be aware of some crucial factors before purchasing MMA gloves.

1. Make sure you choose a high-quality glove: You must focus on MMA gloves’ quality before buying them. Always select genuine leather, as it will last longer and is less likely to irritate.

2. Choose skin-friendly fabrics: Your MMA gloves must be comfortable for your skin. The material should be air-tight to allow you to train and fight with no interruption.

3. Use the correct measurement: MMA gloves are available in various sizes. Make sure you know your palm’s size and purchase the right pair.

4. Avoid padding that is too thick: Your MMA gloves must have subtle padding; otherwise, they could weigh too much. A Tri-slab pad is the best option for gloves.

5. Select the Best Stitched gloves: You must carefully examine the gloves’ stitching to ensure longevity and the best comfort and security. They must have top-quality stitching; otherwise, they’ll be less durable.

6. Examine the design: You must be aware it is true that an MMA glove will not completely cover your fingers. If the glove you purchase does not meet the criteria, don’t purchase it.


MMA is a well-known sport played in a variety of nations. In MMA, hands are employed to do more than simply striking an opponent’s body and face.

However, it is necessary to have the proper equipment to be proficient at this skill.

Therefore, UFC has made it mandatory to wear the protective MMA glove when training and doing events(professional fights) to avoid hand injuries.

These gloves can also help an MMA fighter excel in a tough training session without injury. Anyone involved in mixed martial arts, especially if you are a beginner, must own a pair of RDX’s F12 Maya Hide MMA Gloves.

 They are the best MMA gloves for beginners. They protect the knuckles and hand against injury while the fighter knocks down his opponent by striking.

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