Best 4 Oz MMA Gloves

Best 4 Oz MMA Gloves

Are you in search of the best 4 oz MMA gloves? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the choices?

There are a lot of MMA gloves available today, and the search for the most effective MMA gloves can be a daunting task because you must consider a variety of aspects.

We know how much effort it is to read through hundreds of reviews, especially when you’ve got plenty of alternatives.

Therefore, forget all your worries, go through this comprehensive guide, and then make the best purchase decision for yourself.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, we present you with the best 4 oz MMA gloves. So, without a further ado, let’s get started.

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Why buy 4 oz MMA gloves?

When we watch any fighting or combat sport, it is not uncommon to wonder what the fighters use for gloves, equipment to throw power punches, and strikes to win the competition.

Fighters’ punching technique, their energy, weight through their fist, and the choice of glove make the most impact on throwing a strong winning punch.

Another important aspect is the timing and accuracy of the punch.

Pull punches, extended punches, or poorly timed punches can affect a punch’s strength because the power or force is most extraordinary in one place.

And the force or power of the punch will vary depending on the gloves you wear. One good example is when you’re in sparring and wearing gloves weighing 16 oz for sparring.

The weight could increase; although it’s 16 oz, the velocity of the punch will decrease, and the power will be reduced.

The 4 oz MMA gloves (primarily used for competition) are very lightweight. The lightweight design can throw punches as fast as a fist at a high pace.

The most significant distinction between 4 oz MMA gloves from other gloves that can affect strength is in the padding.

Most gloves weigh between 10 oz – 18 oz and feature an extremely dense foam padding on the knuckles. This softens the impact.

The 4 oz MMA gloves have minimal padding around the knuckles. Therefore, your hands will suffer from an impact more than other MMA or boxing gloves.

However, whether you are an amateur MMA fighter? Or a professional MMA fighter? Maybe an aspiring MMA boxer?

Whatever your professional sports, the most crucial aspect of MMA boxing is protecting your fists.

Inadequately protecting your hands and fighting with your hands naked could have severe consequences over the long run.

There are numerous instances of boxers who had to end their careers because they did not care for their wrists right from the beginning.

 A pair of MMA boxing gloves is the initial investment that any boxer should make before starting training.

However, selecting the ideal pair of gloves is an intimidating task for anyone considering the available variety.

To make it easier for you, we’ve looked at the best 4 oz MMA gloves available today based on various factors such as the weight, materials, design, and quality, the stage of your career in boxing, and the decision-making process.

You can now easily beat your opponents and get the comfortable feel at the same time with our latest gloves collection. Keep reading to learn about the perfect versions of 4 oz MMA gloves.

Best 4 Oz MMA Gloves

Best Overall: Sanabul’s Battle Forged MMA Gloves

Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves Front View



The Sanabul Battle Forged Gloves are the perfect 4 oz MMA gloves. Firstly they feature open fingers and thumb holes instead of a thumb sleeve for grappling.

Secondly, they are hybrid gloves, so switching gloves between training and competition is easy without compromising performance. They will work on your hands with flying colors.

It’s perfect for mixed martial art training and sparring sessions that require you to switch between striking and grappling effortlessly.

Its use of SBL engineered leather allows these gloves to be much more comfortable and offers the highest performance and durability.

The gloves have foam padding and are designed to conform to the shape of the finger to provide an effortless and natural fitting.

The Hook and Loop Closure System is cutting-edge. It allows you to apply these MMA gloves while wearing wraps on your hands underneath and even makes putting them on and off easier.

They are reasonably priced, and while they’re good for gripping, most cushioning is placed on the palm, not the knuckles. This is why they’re unsuitable for work in bags and can result in knuckle injury.

We also liked how fast the gloves dry after a lengthy practice session and no more slippery hands or frequent replacements of gloves for boxers who like to sweat a bit more than your average Joe.

Best Premium: Hayabusa’s T3 LX Leather MMA Gloves

Hayabusa T3 LX Leather MMA Gloves Front And Back View



The Hayabusa T3 LX Leather gloves are made from premium Italian leather, making them durable and strong.

If you have been previously disappointed with 4 oz MMA gloves, they will cushion the blow.

The gloves aren’t just about their chic, stylish design; their premium multi-layered foam technology withstands the most severe impact and provides the best security for the knuckles and fists.

So, they are set in all their ways. T3 gloves come with their trademarked Dual X Closure. They are extremely comfy and sport a unique brown leather hide design.

It’s also extremely versatile and lets you smoothly change between grappling and striking moves due to its Y-volar design that doesn’t shift.

The 4 oz MMA gloves are available for purchase in four sizes: small, medium, large, and X-Large. However, since they are made from 100% genuine leather, they are quite expensive.

Best Budget-Friendly: Sanabul’s Essential MMA Gloves

Sanabul Essential MMA Gloves Front and Back View



Sanabul MMA Grappling Gloves are inexpensive MMA gloves designed to help you train in grappling. They feature open fingers and some padding around the knuckles and the back.

The 4 oz MMA gloves have been made to shield your hands when striking and offer maximum control when grappling. You don’t have to swap gloves, and no slowing your speed.

While they are great for training grappling and light striking, you’ll require greater protection when doing heavy bag work.

The gloves have Performance Engineered Leather construction, a robust material that is easy to maintain and clean.

They are fitted with a unique hook-and-loop closure that allows your gloves to become like a second pair of hands.

They stay in place for the duration of your training session. Additionally, the gloves are light and affordable.

Best For Professionals: Combat Corner’s Tech Professional MMA Gloves

Combat Corner Tech Professional MMA Gloves Front and Side View



The Combat Corner’s Tech Professional MMA gloves have a curvy design that helps maintain a relaxed hand posture and tightly tucked fingers, forming a tight fist for maximum force.

The gloves have a tri-layer curved padding system that absorbs the impact of any collision to shield the hands and knuckles from injury.

They are expertly created and tested to safeguard your hands, even during the toughest sparring sessions.

So, knock your opponents out by putting on these gloves.

The gloves are made of leather for maximum material resistance, ensuring you are protected for longer and superior performance.

The fully open wrist of the gloves allows for simple on and off using hand wraps. There is enough space inside the compartment for hands – making them more comfortable and fight-friendly.

The XtraFresh Mesh Palm feature has a moisture-wicking liner that helps keep your hand dry and offers the greatest security for the sparring partners and you.

These MMA gloves provide comfort, performance, power, and safety together. So, it’s a win-win pair of 4 oz MMA gloves for you.

Best For Beginners: RDX’s Maya Hide MMA Gloves

RDX Maya Hide MMA Gloves Front and Back View



Embracing Maya hide leather, they offer toughness and adaptability for MMA practice. They provide resistant to cracks and will last long after hours of practice before having to replace it.

They have Dual stitching to ensure that the seam won’t break easily. The PC3 padding provides all-around protection and is specifically developed to resist impacts.

The gloves, four layers of leather, safeguard the hand. It is coated with a stifling layer and is layered over two layers of padding and foam to provide good levels of protection.

It also gives the natural grip needed to perform grappling moves. The gloves feature an open palm style, and the inner fabric helps to promote airflow to keep hands dry and cool.

RDX has improved its hook and loop closures to make it simpler and quicker to close the gloves. These gloves can wick moisture away from your skin.

The micro-fabric removes moisture from the skin, allowing the hand to breathe and feel comfortable. So, your practice is never off the table with these gloves.

These RDX F12 MMA Gloves are ideal gloves for those just beginning their journey into MMA. These gloves are affordable and available in various colors and four sizes.

Factors to consider before purchasing 4 oz MMA gloves

As you are aware, it is vital to conduct research before buying anything. There are a few aspects to think about before beginning your research.

This is essential to ensure your buying experience is as easy as possible. Not only these are significant for beginners, but they are equally important for experts to consider.

Be aware that your time is equal value to your money. There are a couple of things to be mindful of that will impact your research.

For example, here are a few things you need to ask yourself to establish the direction of your purchase:

Various choices from different brands can be confusing, so ask yourself these queries to narrow your options.

When you’ve established your expectations regarding the 4 oz gloves and your budget, you decide which you need to buy.

Other additional factors you must consider when buying gloves to select the right one for you think about safety, comfort, how simple you can wear and remove, and the type of glove.

Here are a few essential aspects to consider when choosing the best 4 oz MMA gloves:

Types of gloves

Grappling Gloves

Grappling has become an integral part of MMA, and many seek training; however, you must protect your hands.

They have open fingers design and are light, allowing you to have an excellent grip while also providing stability, security, and some protection.

Grappling gloves aren’t best for heavy bag use because they offer little protection.

Hybrid Gloves

In addition to learning grappling, you’ll also have to learn how to strike.

When competing, you can wear only one pair of gloves which must cater for both; however, when you hit a large bag or any other bag, you require additional protection.

Hybrid gloves blend the flexibility of open fingers found in MMA gloves with the cushioned glove protection for the knuckles of boxing gloves.

They eliminate the requirement to change gloves every time you change during a training session. They also let you practice the transitions.

Competition Gloves

MMA Competition gloves are lightweight and provide the flexibility to grapple while providing cushioning and support.

Professional fights employ 4oz gloves, so when searching for gloves to compete, look at those marked as 4oz MMA gloves.

Leather Vs. Synthetic

Leather is tough, durable, and rigid. However, it is expensive and can be stiff, mainly when it’s brand new, and the glove requires some break-in.

Synthetic leather is created to mimic the properties of leather; however, it is less expensive and will not require as much wear-in period.

It won’t, however, endure as long or provide the same level of security as authentic leather. Synthetic leather is available under various names like PU leather, fake leather, and Maya.


The padding of MMA gloves helps protect fingers and knuckles against taking too many abrasions. Mostly padding is constructed of one or more layers of foam.

However, special gloves come with extra materials made to offer additional protection.

It’s also worth looking into which area the padding is in the hands. If the padding extends too high up the palm rather than on the knuckles, you will not have any protection from hitting the bag for training.

Strap System

We strongly recommend purchasing MMA gloves with a strong strap that holds the gloves in place and keeps your hands in place, along with giving them protection.

Your wrists will be grateful over time if you buy the right gloves that provide a solid support for your wrists.

The best strap system is the Velcro strap closure; any glove with that hand closure will keep your fists and hands secure.

Country of Origin

An additional aspect to consider when purchasing MMA gloves is the nation in which the gloves are manufactured.

The most effective MMA gloves are usually manufactured in Thailand (similar to shin guards), a country where the combat-sports apparel industry enjoys a massive presence.

The cheapest MMA gloves are typically made in countries such as China and Pakistan and are made from inferior materials to reduce costs.

How to clean MMA gloves

Even during a brief exercise session in the MMA gloves, they’re exposed to sweat and moisture. If you don’t take care of them, the bacteria can make their way into your gloves and cause harm, irritation to the skin, degradation of the gloves, and even the smell of rotten food.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your gloves are clean and in good condition.

Utilize wraps – Wraps provide a protective layer between the skin of your glove and it, stopping sweat or moisture from absorbing inside the glove.

Dry them – Place your gloves in a clean area with adequate airflow. Avoid direct sunlight, and untie the strap so that air can circulate as efficiently as it can. Bacteria thrive in damp environments.

Drying out your gloves after every usage will prevent the gloves from becoming a bacteria breeding area.

Use cleaner – Apply the gentle PH mild leather cleaner once a week using a moist cloth. Rub the glove’s exterior and interior of your glove. Let the glove dry completely before making use of it.

Here is a list of things to avoid when cleaning MMA gloves:

Pro Tip: Wearing Hand Wraps Under MMA Gloves

Our hands’ bones count among the tiniest and weakest bones in our body. Hand injuries are among the most frequent in MMA, boxing, and martial arts.

Based on a study carried out with professional MMA fighters, there was a high amount of degeneration within their joint hand.

Cracks in a professional MMA player’s hand’s bone structure are anticipated. However, if you intend to train for fitness or simply for the love of your sport, you could take steps to avoid permanent damage.

MMA is a sport that dates back to the beginning of time, even though it was first referred to as MMA around 30 years ago.

Before it was a sanctioned sport, the fighters had no hand protection besides bandages.

Nowadays, we have gloves solely for this function. However, these lightweight open-fingered gloves don’t offer enough protection you need.

Here hand wraps come into play. We suggest you use hand wraps whenever you’re planning on exercising.

From experience, we know that hands tend to bleed and swell up after intense training sessions because hands have no protection other than the gloves when striking the punching bag.

Hand wraps have many advantages, as proven in the fantastic book by Jonathan Gelber, which focuses on all possible MMA injuries and ways to avoid them.

Here are some ways to make hand wraps enhance your training experience:

Frequently Answered Questions

Can regular boxing gloves be used for mixed martial arts?

If you’ve boxed before, it could be tempting to use the same gloves you have to participate in the course of an MMA fight; however, these gloves are different.

In MMA, you are expected to wrestle and take on opponents, and your fingers require greater mobility when compared to a standard pair of gloves for boxing.

How much does an MMA glove cost?

The cost of MMA gloves is between $20 and $300. The quality and comfort of the gloves are directly proportional to their cost.

If you’re a novice looking to purchase a low-cost pair of gloves, we suggest investing at least $50 in gloves to ensure you’re not putting your hands and wrists in danger.

What are the most famous brands to buy MMA gloves?

There are numerous well-known MMA gloves manufacturers that you can pick from. The top quality brands include Fairtex, Venum, Hayabusa, Everlast, Sanabul, UFC Pro, Combat Sports, and RDX.

What makes MMA gloves unique?

Fingerless gloves such as those we wear in MMA were not commonplace until the early 90s when MMA became an officially-regulated sport.

Similar gloves were in use in Japan, but they became well-known only when the UFC made them an essential part of their equipment.

MMA gloves are open-fingered. Based on your selected style, you may choose a glove with padding that covers the first or the second knuckle.

The most commonly utilized ones cover the first knuckle since it gives you more opportunities to grip. Also, you should not have any padding on your palm to increase your grip.

Can you use MMA gloves for heavy bags, and if not what’s the best alternative?

Incorporating punching bags is essential to your overall development within Mixed Martial Arts. But, we believe that we’re all in agreement that it is not advisable to do this using gloves that aren’t specialized.

Even with the extra protection, MMA gloves just don’t have enough protection for heavy bag workouts.

Heavier pairs of gloves have thicker padding, like boxing gloves.These gloves offer the best protection for your hands and also more effectively protect your wrists and fingers.

So it’s best to use heavier gloves or boxing gloves than MMA gloves when doing heavy bag workouts and training.

What is the difference between boxing gloves and MMA gloves?

These are the main differences between boxing and MMA gloves:

Open-finger design: The most apparent and distinctive characteristic of the MMA glove is its open or fingerless design. MMA sparring is a form of/incorporates grappling.

The fingerless MMA glove design allows the user to grab and fight opponents, requiring fingers to be completely free.

A boxing glove has an entirely enclosed pocket for the fingers. So it doesn’t offer much mobility; you can only hit punches or strikes and cannot grapple.

Open-palm design: The open palm on an MMA glove provides the user to have a natural, firm grip. Boxing gloves are fully protected and have an enclosed palm.

Movement of the fingers: While the MMA glove holds your fingers locked into the loop of your finger to avoid injuries to your lateral movements, your knuckles can move freely, and you can keep your hands in a fist.

This lets the wearer grip and grapple with gloves for a combination of sparring and functional circuit training.

The design of a boxing glove severely restricts thumb and finger movement and cannot allow this kind of freedom of movement.


MMA gloves are necessary to protect your hand while allowing you more mobility and flexibility.

Most fighters, particularly those who compete in matches, own at minimum two types of gloves, so they have one pair for competition and at the very least one pair to train in.

The Sanabul Battle Forged Gloves are the best 4 oz MMA gloves that provide adequate protection and flexibility.

According to us, they’re among the best MMA gloves you can buy. If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative, then the Sanabul MMA Gloves are great for those just starting.

They provide the protection and flexibility needed for training.

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